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Last confrontation between the four candidates on Tgr Sardegna, sparks Soru-reporter – News

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Last confrontation between the four candidates on Tgr Sardegna, sparks Soru-reporter – News

Last public confrontation between the four candidates for the presidency of the Sardinia Region in this electoral campaign now coming to an end. To welcome Lucia Chessawith the Sardinia R-existe list, Renato Sorufive lists with the Sardinian Coalition, Alessandra Toddeten lists in the broad Pd-M5s camp and Paolo Truzzo, nine lists for the centre-right, the studios of Tgr Sardegna for a thirty-minute recorded face-to-face broadcast which will be broadcast at 1.15pm on Rai Tre. Three journalists from local newspapers were invited to ask the questions introduced in the studio by Maria Spigonardo: Umberto Aime (La Nuova Sardegna), Fabrizio Fois (ANSA) and Giulio Zasso, (L’Unione Sarda). One question each and two minutes to answer.

From a political point of view, what can’t you stand about your opponents? It is the first question which also sparks a rough back and forth between one of the three journalists present and Renato Soru: what triggered the controversy was the lack of visibility that the candidate of the Sardinian Coalition disputes in some media. The vitriolic exchange between Soru (yesterday he presented a complaint to Corecom) and the journalist who interrupted him caused the recording to be suspended, then resumed when things calmed down. “For days and weeks the time on the news and the space on the newspaper pages has been totally disproportionate due to the fact that we are invaded by ministers and undersecretaries – Soru denounced – It is wrong that the Sardinian newspapers continue to deny my existence alive “.

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None of the candidates want to point the finger personally at the other contenders. On this Paolo Truzzu notes two factors: “On the one hand I didn’t like the attempt to attack and denigrate the opponent, on the other in this campaign Sardinia was described as a place of desperation and disaster and this was used to electoral purposes”. Chessa, however, stigmatizes “the attitude of de-responsibility with respect to the choices made previously: those who have had roles, personally or with the parties that they represent, those who have governed and made choices must assume responsibility for the consequences”. Todde didn’t like “that people try to deny that Sardinia has problems, that it was led with incompetence and incompetence”.

Tourism, with the strategies for promoting the Sardinia destination and energy are the other focuses of the discussion between the four candidates for the presidency of the Region broadcast on Tgr Sardinia and then the final calls to vote on Sunday 25 February. On tourism, Paolo Truzzu, for the centre-right, starts from transport: “we need to ensure connections that guarantee the arrival of flows, also through the reduction of airport taxes for airlines that choose the island”. And then we need to focus “on Sardinia’s 360-degree offer throughout the year”.

Todde and Soru both have the idea of ​​a single agency for the promotion of Sardinia, which Todde calls Dmo (Destination management organization) and for the former governor it is ‘Sardinia promotion’ and should network all the tourist and agri-food offers of the Island. For Todde “tourism cannot be improvised and demand must be built. We are overwhelmed by the demand for the seaside resort, other tourism is needed to make Sardinia attractive”. Chessa instead focuses on “training operators and those who provide services, as well as protecting the environment: we cannot mistreat our land any further”, he warns.

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For the latest attempt on TV to convince voters, Paolo Truzzu says he wants to “restore dignity, future and hope” and on the resources arriving for Sardinia he underlines “that they must be spent on a great plan for Sardinia in all sectors Citizens want someone to decide.”

Soru focuses on the relationship with the State: “The idea that the future of Sardinia can be guaranteed by the benevolence of the sovereign in Rome must be overcome, that’s enough, we must rely on our abilities, our talents and demand rights not benevolence”. Chessa reminds you that you are the only one who has not been responsible for the government of the island in the last twenty years: “If you think there is another way, vote for us”. Todde highlights the need for a useful vote: “The Sardinian electoral law does not forgive, the third and fourth do not even enter the Council. It is a question of numbers, not gut feeling”.

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