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Leitang Community, Pingshan Township, Yangzhou: Using three “threes” to build a winter training learning circle_China Jiangsu Net-jsnews.jschina.com.cn

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Winter training for party members in various communities and townships across Jiangsu province has been in full swing, with innovative approaches being adopted to enhance learning and development. In Leitang Community, Pingshan Township, Yangzhou, a unique “three threes” approach has been used to build a winter training learning circle.

According to a report by China Jiangsu Net, the “three threes” approach involves three key elements – reading, enjoying, and talking about. Party members in the community come together to read selected materials, enjoy the process of learning, and engage in discussions to deepen their understanding of key theoretical concepts and principles. This approach aims to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment, stimulating participants’ intellectual curiosity and fostering a deeper appreciation for party ideology.

Similarly, in Rudong County, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau has also initiated its 2024 winter training for party members, signaling the start of a series of learning activities aimed at strengthening party building and promoting development. Multiple measures are being taken to ensure the effectiveness of the training and to encourage active participation from members.

Meanwhile, in Sihong County, Daudao Street, party members are engaging in the “trilogy” of reading, enjoying, and talking about, which is helping them develop new theories and deepen their understanding of party ideology. This approach has been lauded for its effectiveness in creating a conducive learning environment and fostering greater engagement among participants.

In Zhuhu Town, Sihong County, the theme of “Winter Training Reading and Enjoyment” has revitalized the learning process for party members, inspiring them to write a new chapter in their intellectual and ideological development.

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Finally, in Xiting Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong City, the winter training “Western” learning is being embraced with enthusiasm, as party members continue their quest for knowledge and self-improvement.

These initiatives reflect the commitment of party organizations and members in Jiangsu province to continuous learning and development, leveraging innovative approaches to enhance ideological and theoretical understanding. As the winter training progresses, it is anticipated that these efforts will contribute to the overall strengthening of party building and the promotion of socialist ideology in the region.

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