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Liaoning felon escaped from prison, what happened to the prison guard who was sentenced to call for injustice? – Northeast Net News – Northeast Net

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Liaoning felon escaped from prison, what happened to the prison guard who was sentenced to call for injustice? – Northeast Net News – Northeast Net


On October 4, 2018, a prison break occurred in the Third Prison of Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province. Two detained felons, Wang Lei and Zhang Guilin, broke open the doors and windows. 58 hours after the incident, the two were arrested in Pingquan City, Hebei Province. Two auxiliary police officers from the Hiraizumi Public Security Bureau died in a car accident on the way to their arrest. Two months after the incident, the court sentenced the two fugitives to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life.

After the incident, the director of Lingyuan No. 3 Prison was dismissed, and six other prison guards were prosecuted for alleged dereliction of duty, and trials were held one after another. Among them, the case of Wang Guanqun, the prison investigator in the second cell of Lingyuan No. 3 Prison and the deputy head of the second cell, has been held for many times since April 2019. Wang Guanqun said that he started to take annual leave ten days before the incident. Not directly related to this matter.

Upstream News (report email: [email protected]) reporter learned that on the afternoon of June 22, three and a half years after the incident, the first-instance judgment of the Shenyang Dadong District People’s Court: Wang Guanqun, as a judicial staff member, was performing his official duties. During the process, they failed to perform their duties correctly and conscientiously, and failed to implement various systems such as prison safety management, resulting in the escape of two criminals who were sentenced to life imprisonment or more. Considering the specific circumstances of this case, it is determined that Wang Guanqun’s crime is minor, and he may not be sentenced according to law. It was decided to convict Wang Guanqun of dereliction of duty and exempt him from criminal punishment.

After receiving the verdict, Wang Guanqun told reporters: “I don’t agree with the first-instance verdict. I said in court that I am innocent, and then I will resolutely appeal.”

▲Wang Lei and Zhang Guilin, two criminals who escaped from Lingyuan No. 3 Prison in Liaoning Province, were arrested.Source of the puzzle/Official WeChat of the Public Security Bureau of Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province

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After 1 criminal escaped, 6 prison guards were prosecuted for dereliction of duty

On the night of October 3, 2018, Zhang Guilin and Wang Lei, two felons in the No. 3 Prison in Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province, sawed off the window bars, pried open four doors, climbed over the barbed wire, and climbed the fence. Five hours later, the next day. He escaped from prison at 3 am.

After the incident, the director of the third prison, Li Guangxu, was removed from his post. The deputy director of the prison, Li Yang, the person in charge of the second prison, Zhao Yue, the deputy director of the second prison, Wang Guanqun, and the officers on duty Zhang Yu and Xie Ziyang, and the monitor Chen Guowei, etc. The six were prosecuted by the procuratorate on suspicion of dereliction of duty. This series of cases of dereliction of duty by prison officers and police officers were successively heard in the Dadong District Court of Shenyang City in April 2019.

Before the incident, Wang Guanqun was the prison investigation officer in the second cell of Lingyuan No. 3 Prison, and he took a temporary position as the deputy head of the supervision and education cell in this cell. Wang Guanqun was on vacation when the two criminals escaped.

On November 30, 2018, Wang Guanqun was criminally detained by the Shenyang Public Security Bureau and released on bail by the Procuratorate the following month. On March 6, 2019, the case was brought to the Shenyang Dadong District Court. Since then, after the first trial on April 19, 2019, there have been five trials in total, and it has been more than three years.

The verdict obtained by the reporter shows that the indictment of the Shenyang Dadong District Procuratorate stated that Wang Guanqun was seriously irresponsible during the performance of the duties of the deputy head of the discipline and the prison investigation officer, and he did not seriously implement various supervision systems. The two dangerous criminals Zhang Guilin and Wang Lei did not take safety control measures, and violated the work system of labor tool management, body search of criminals after work, safety inspection and investigation, etc., and major regulatory loopholes occurred, causing criminals Zhang Guilin and Wang Lei to obtain hacksaw blades and iron drills at the labor site. Zi and other criminal tools, and took advantage of regulatory loopholes to escape from prison at 3:00 am on October 4, 2018.

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Wang Xiuhua, director of Beijing Dianmo Law Firm, pleaded not guilty to Wang Guanqun. Wang Oohua said that during the escape process of the two prisoners, the escape routes involved and each point had a clear responsibility and scope of responsibility, and Wang Guanqun was not responsible for these scopes.

At the same time, Wang Guanqun took 10 consecutive days off from September 24 to October 3, 2018. According to relevant regulations, from the eighth day after the police officer in charge left his post, his responsibilities will be transferred to other police officers in the same district. Wang Guanqun has no dereliction of duty.

▲On the afternoon of June 22, after the first-instance verdict was pronounced, Wang Guanqun received the guilty verdict.Image source/Photo courtesy of respondents

Two felons use hacksaw to break the iron bars of the prison to escape

How did the two criminals get out of the high-security prison? What management loopholes exist in prisons?

Lingyuan City is located in the western part of Liaoning Province. The Lingyuan City Prison Administration Branch, seven prisons and a prison emergency command center have been established locally, which is rare in county-level cities.

Lingyuan No. 3 Prison is located at No. 13 Iron and Steel Road in the northern suburbs of Lingyuan City, covering an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters. Within the high wall, there are administrative areas, prison buildings, prison canteens and workshops.

The prisoners Zhang Guilin and Wang Lei lived on the fourth floor of the second cell, and they lived in the same cell. Zhang Guilin, born on September 18, 1979, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Intermediate People’s Court of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province for the crime of robbery. He had committed the crime of escape twice. On June 12, 2014, he was transferred to Lingyuan No. 3 Prison to serve his sentence.

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Wang Lei, born on March 7, 1985, was given a suspended death sentence by the Higher People’s Court of Liaoning Province for kidnapping, which was later commuted to life imprisonment. On December 22, 2016, he was transferred to Lingyuan No. 3 Prison to serve his sentence.

The relevant verdict disclosed the process of their escape from prison. A few days before the incident, Zhang Guilin stole a hacksaw from the toolbox in the production area and brought it into the cell. For four nights in a row, Wang Lei used a hacksaw to cut down the iron fence of the window of the cell’s laundry room until only a few connections remained, and covered it with sheets.

At about 22:00 on October 3, the two officially implemented the jailbreak. The two saw off the guardrail, pulled out from the clothes drying room on the fourth floor of the cell, and followed the guardrail of the fire escape to the ground. Then, the two climbed over the two iron barbed isolation nets in the living area and the production area, found the iron drills prepared in advance in the grass, opened the door of the production workshop, and sneaked into the workshop to steal food and raincoats. Then he used an iron drill to pry open the electrician’s room and carry away the ladder placed in the house.

At about 3:45 a.m. on October 4, the two climbed the fence and escaped from the prison.

Three hours after the two successfully escaped, at 6:00 am on October 4th, police officer on duty Xie Ziyang got up and received a report from the prisoner that Zhang Guilin and Wang Lei had disappeared.

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