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Maduro outraged by ‘dismemberment’ of confiscated Venezuelan plane in Miami – El Nuevo Herald

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has expressed outrage over the reported dismantling of a confiscated Venezuelan plane in Miami, labeling it as an act of “vandalism and sabotage.” The aircraft, a Boeing 737 belonging to the state-owned airline MSN, was seized by US authorities in 2019 following allegations of drug trafficking.

According to reports, the plane was being stored at an airport in Miami when it was discovered that it had been partially dismantled, with various parts of the aircraft missing. Venezuelan officials have accused the US of deliberately sabotaging the plane in an attempt to further damage the country’s aviation industry.

Maduro, who has long been at odds with the US government, condemned the incident as a blatant act of aggression against Venezuela. “This is a clear violation of international law and a blatant attack on our sovereignty,” he said in a statement.

The Venezuelan government has called for a thorough investigation into the incident and has demanded that the US authorities responsible for the dismantling of the plane be held accountable. They have also called on the international community to condemn the actions of the US government and to stand in solidarity with Venezuela.

The dismantling of the Venezuelan plane comes at a time of heightened tensions between the two countries, with the US imposing numerous sanctions on Venezuela in an effort to force Maduro out of power. The Venezuelan president has refused to bow to US pressure and has vowed to defend his country’s sovereignty at all costs.

The Venezuelan people have expressed their support for Maduro in the face of this latest provocation, with many taking to social media to denounce the US actions as unjust and aggressive. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold in the coming days, but one thing is clear – the rift between Venezuela and the US shows no signs of easing any time soon.

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