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“Magic lives in the emotions of a surprise before the eyes”

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“Magic lives in the emotions of a surprise before the eyes”

Amazes, excites, entertains and captures spectators of all ages: Luca Bono returns to Asti with “The Illusionist” to tell his human and professional path between illusions of great scenic and emotional effect, manipulation, micromagic and audience involvement. Forget the classic magician with top hat and wand, because Luca Bono’s show is an autobiographical theatrical work that conveys a message: never stop chasing your dreams, training and determination can help us overcome obstacles and help us realize desires.

Already an Italian champion of magic at the age of 17, graduated in Paris with the «Mandrake d’Or», Luca Bono is considered the most interesting magical talent of his generation, interpreter of the new, captivating and contemporary illusionism. After the sold out of 2019, he returns to Alfieri directed by Arturo Brachetti and with Sabrina Iannece. After yesterday’s date in Vercelli, that of Asti is the second of the resumption of a tour that will continue until May, after the success of the numerous reruns in Turin at the beginning of the year, always sold out.

How did you experience this recovery?
«Imagining the theater full for 20 performances was madness for me: it was an unknown factor given the moment, but it went well, both the show and the response from the audience. Now on the calendar there are new dates, but also recoveries in 2020. Finally. I’ve already been to Asti: it went very well, let’s hope we can replicate it ».

What should the public expect?
«I hope many surprises. After the show, among the comments heard most often, there are those of people who had another idea of ​​a magician: it is nice to see adults who are even a little skeptical, who come to the theater to accompany their children, and in the end they have fun and they are almost more amazed than children. I invite adults to come to the theater even if they do not have children, grandchildren or young relatives to accompany ».

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Arturo Brachetti signs the direction of the show. An encounter that changed your life?
“Yup. Arturo helped me a lot to grow artistically and I’m not just talking about magic, techniques, secrets and tricks, but above all about the staging and the emotions to be transmitted. It is essential to do this. “The Illusionist” is a magic show, it is necessary that there are games, but with a common thread, a pretext to tell and share emotions. That’s what counts. ”

When did you discover your passion for magic?
«I also tell it in the show, precisely because it is autobiographical. She was born after a go-kart accident, I was 13-14 years old. In the hospital, to distract me, my brother Davide (who has been passionate about magic for a few months) played sleight of hand and opened up a world to me. Then I discovered the Amici della Magia club in Turin, I met the president Marco Aimone, Tiziano Berardi and other partners: meetings that helped me a lot. Having teachers in the flesh was fundamental, an added value, much more than learning the same thing in a book or with a video ».

Are the very young getting closer to magic?
«Especially through social media and tutorials. They may not continue, but they still remain passion and curiosity. It is a way to bring young people closer to magic but also to theater: they learn a game, become curious, maybe they come to see the show and appreciate it even more because they understand the work behind it. Because the secret may seem simple, but when you try to do it you realize that it is not that easy ».

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And what is your relationship with social media? Did you use them during lockdown periods when theaters were closed?
“I have a love and hate relationship, sometimes I disappear for weeks and don’t post anything. During the months of lockdown I did some shows in streaming: it was really very difficult, because not having the contact and the response of the public is very complicated. On television it is still different: the spectators are at home but also in the studio, maybe a few, but there are. Having no one live is complicated. Furthermore, however well you can record a video or prepare a perfect live stream, there is still a filter in front, there is the screen in the middle: the viewer may think that there have been cuts and edits, that the framing has helped. , that from another perspective the trick would be seen. Live magic has a very different impact: you see it with your own eyes ”

The Illusionist

Alfieri Theater

Sunday 20 March at 5pm

Tickets 25 euros; 18 reduced

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