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Meloni, Letta and Salvini on the murder of Civitanova Marche: the reactions

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Meloni, Letta and Salvini on the murder of Civitanova Marche: the reactions

“The murder of Alika Ogorchukwu leaves you dismayed. “Thus the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta on Twitter the day after the murder of the 39-year-old Nigerian peddler, in the center and in broad daylight in Civitanova Marche, by the 32-year-old worker Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazzo. “The unheard-of ferocity. The widespread indifference. There can be no justifications. And silence is not enough either” writes the former Prime Minister: “The ultimate outrage against Alika would be to pass over and forget”.

Flowers in Civitanova Marche at the scene of the crime

And the leader of the league Matteo Salvini: “It is crazy to die like this, I hope the penalty is the maximum possible. The problem is that there are episodes of violence and crime in broad daylight all over Italy. It is not possible, but it happens because the certainty of the penalty is lacking”, he added on the sidelines of an inspection at Milan Central Station. Salvini then explained why he will not go to Civitanova Marche: “I do not go because, if I go, I make a mistake and exploit it. My prayer and commitment so that the person responsible is punished is total”.

In the end Giorgia Meloni (FdI) who on Fb responds harshly to the journalist Corrado Formigli who, again on social media, had criticized her for her silence. “Before using poor Alika’s death for your painful propaganda, could you not at least express solidarity with the family? How can you verify, I expressed my condemnation of this brutal murder and immediately. Jackal.” These are the words on the social networks of the TV host of Clean Square: “Invalid Nigerian beaten to death by an Italian in Civitanova Marche. We await indignant posts from Salvini and Meloni”.

“The brutal murder of Civitanova is not only the result of an isolated criminal madness. Fermo and then Macerata are there to remind us.” This was stated by the national secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni. “Flooding our society with toxic propaganda – continues the leader of SI – made up of instigation to do justice for oneself, of prejudices on the color of the skin and on every difference, of indifference and selfishness and taken to extreme consequences sooner or later unleashes violence up to the murder on a sidewalk, available to the target of smartphones. ” “It is not enough to ask for justice and an exemplary punishment for a murderer, we need to reconstruct a language and a culture. And we must prevent those who have been making money on this narrative for years – concludes Fratoianni – from stopping. Before it’s too late.”

“I am saddened by what happened in Civitanova Marche. My condolences to the family of Alika Ogorchukwu, a 39-year-old Nigerian brutally killed in the street with the same crutch he used to support himself. Proximity to the mayor Ciarapica and to the whole city shaken by this episode. nature of Civitanova Marche, which has always been an open, peaceful and welcoming city. The Municipality should consider becoming a civil party in the trial against the monster, a 32-year-old Italian, who committed this mad murder “. He writes it on social media Antonio TajaniNational Coordinator of Forza Italia.

“What happened in Civitanova Marche, including the episodes of indifference of those present, highlights how racism in this country is still a phenomenon to be fought, also from a cultural point of view”. The co-spokespersons of Europa Verde wrote this in a note Angelo Bonelli e Eleonora Evi. That said, “the unsustainable words of the Lega Marche commissioner should be highlighted, who does not express a word of condemnation for the brutal murder and points the finger at the landings: a shame on this statement from the League which has a clear racist matrix”, Bonelli said and Evi. “The trial of this criminal who barbarously killed the Nigerian peddler must be swift, given that we are faced with the flagrant crime, as demonstrated by the many videos that dramatically and unequivocally testify to the tragic event”, ask the co- spokesperson for green europe. “Both the government, the Marche region and the Civitanova Marche municipality must give all possible assistance to the family of the murdered Nigerian”, concluded bonelli and evi.

The condemnation of theAnpiwho entrusts his message to Twitter: “A violence that has not stopped anyone. A man begged for alms and was killed. #CivitanovaMarche 2022. Inhumanity cannot and must not have citizenship. The condemnation is firm on the part of all the institutions and the entire national community “.

“What happened yesterday in Civitanova Marche not only hurts, it is frightening. It hurts for the death of an innocent person. It is frightening for the violence of the murderer. But it also hurts for the general indifference. It was filmed, recorded, but no one intervened. Death becomes a spectacle. A hug to the victim’s family. Justice will be done, I’m sure. ” He states it Valentina Cuppipresident of the National Assembly of the PD and mayor of Marzabotto.

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