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Nanning: Cultural and tourism activities celebrate the New Year and celebrate the New Year happily – Xinhuanet

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Nanning, China – The Year of the Dragon has started off with a bang in Nanning, as the city’s cultural and tourism activities have been in full swing to celebrate the Lunar New Year. With flower shows, temple fairs, folk customs, and lively performances, the city has been buzzing with excitement and celebration.

During the Spring Festival holiday, major scenic spots and parks in Nanning launched a variety of cultural and tourism activities to celebrate the New Year happily and lively, drawing in crowds of citizens and tourists alike.

One of the most popular spots during the holiday was the Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area, where over 200,000 tourists visited on the first day of the Lunar New Year, setting a record high. The area also hosted the “New Year Tour in Nanning to Warmly Celebrate the New Year” event, featuring boutique route promotions, special cultural performances, and interactive activities.

Nanning Zoo also hosted an animal zodiac science popularization activity, where visitors learned about the “Dragon” through various activities and got a deeper understanding of wildlife protection.

In addition to the scenic spots, folk activities in the historical and cultural district of Yongzhou Ancient City, Three Streets and Two Alleys, brought a strong New Year flavor. Performances such as lion dances and national-style parades delighted both citizens and tourists, offering them a taste of traditional Chinese culture.

At the Nanning Garden Expo, a lively dragon and lion dance parade entertained tourists, and activities such as the folk custom market and national-style game experience added to the festive atmosphere.

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Cultural activities were also a big hit in Nanning, with the Xinhui Academy presenting traditional Chinese New Year operas to the delight of the audience. The Guangxi Museum of Ethnology also staged a series of New Year activities, including watching dragons and lions dancing and appreciating national intangible cultural heritage.

Nanning Museum also played its part in the celebrations, offering two New Year folklore performances every day, in addition to providing cultural activities and exhibitions for the enjoyment of citizens and tourists.

Overall, Nanning’s cultural and tourism activities have set the tone for a vibrant and festive start to the Year of the Dragon, attracting tourists from all over the country. The city’s unique blend of traditional customs, lively performances, and beautiful scenic spots has truly made this Lunar New Year one to remember.

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