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National Government will invest more than $700,000 million in the Orinoquía – news

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National Government will invest more than $700,000 million in the Orinoquía – news

A millionaire public investment for the departments and municipalities of the Colombian Orinoquía in 2024 was announced this Friday by the deputy director of Decentralization and Territorial Development of the National Planning Department (DNP), Hugo Guerra, during the First Meeting of Governors of the Orinoquía held in the city of Yopal and where the departmental leaders of Meta, Vichada, Guainía, Guaviare, Arauca, and Casanare attended, as well as mayors of more than 19 municipalities in the region.

“In 2024 alone, there are $700,000 million from the Multiannual Investment Plan (PPI) for the Orinoquía in different programs such as health, education, agriculture, culture, and road construction. This is an increase of more than 40% compared to 2023. The importance of this meeting is to define how the National Government, the mayors and the governorates can work in an articulated and joint manner to achieve better execution of the budget,” said Guerra.

The official reported that the resources are part of the General Budget of the Nation (PGN) and, most of them, will be allocated for the execution of strategic projects in road connectivity for more than $610,000 million, and education, sports and recreation for more than $78,000. millions.

Within the prioritization of projects, the construction and paving of the Puerto Rondón-Cravo Norte road stands out; the Ruta los Libertadores- Socha- Sacama- La Cabuya road; Colombia-La Uribe highway intervention; and intervention of river port infrastructure in Cumaribo, Puerto Carreño and La Primavera.

Also included as prioritized strategic projects are the improvement of the Germán Olano Airport in Puerto Carreño and the navigability of the Magdalena, Atrato, Meta and Mompox rivers.

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In education, sports and recreation, priority will be given to the extension of the 40×40 school day, the identification of sports talent and sports initiation schools in support of the ministries ofEducation, Culture, Health, Environment, Housing, Work, and the ICBF.

In the justice and law sector, National Planning announced that more than $7 billion will be invested for the construction of houses of justice and decent coexistence centers in the territory, while the expansion of SENA infrastructure in the capital of Vichada and the training project, “SENA for the countryside”, will receive more than $8 billion.

“The important thing is that we agree. There are several regional projects, but we must define which ones to contribute to, because they open the opportunity for other projects to move forward. We have not come to impose but to listen,” explained Deputy Director Guerra.

The official also reported that this year National Planning has held 4 meetings with the assistance of officials and collaborators from 47 municipalities in the region, to accompany and help build the Territorial Development Plans that must be delivered to the councils or assemblies.departmental meetings before next April 30.

For his part, the governor of Casanare, César Ortiz Zorro, asked his colleagues to include the construction of the Urrea Plant in the Territorial Development Plans of the region. “With this project, Colombia will go from importing from Russia, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago and Ukraine, to producing from Casanare, almost 600 million dollars of fertilizers per year through its first urea plant, which will benefit farmers and producers. of all country. The savings will be between 50 and 70 dollars per ton,” said Governor Ortiz.

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Source: Presidency of the Republic

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