Home News New look for the Ponte nelle Alpi station: works inaugurated

New look for the Ponte nelle Alpi station: works inaugurated

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New look for the Ponte nelle Alpi station: works inaugurated

Lifts, new shelters, restyling of the underpass, works on the road system: “This is how we celebrate the 110th anniversary of our airport”, says the mayor Paolo Vendramini

BRIDGE IN THE ALPS. The first “Trenobus of the Dolomites” of the summer season has arrived. But the new square of the Ponte nelle Alpi station has also arrived. Between the adaptation of the sidewalks, the installation of lifts and shelters, the restyling of the underpass, the improvement of road traffic ) and the conversion of the former freight yard area, the station now presents itself in a renewed guise.

In the presence of the institutions, the inauguration ceremony was staged, marked by the cutting of the ribbon. «Team play was fundamental – says Mayor Paolo Vendramini – in addition to programming between Municipalities, Region, Province and RFI. Thanks to this intervention we are moving towards the future, because we are focusing on a principle of sustainable mobility ».

An important milestone in a particular moment: «It is a gift that we give to the railway station for its 110 years of life. A station that is in the heart of all the Pontalpines and has an important history: just think that, in 1964, it was the location of the film “Colonel Von Ryan” (Von Ryan’s Express) with Frank Sinatra and Raffaella Carrà ».

The investment to carry out the work, carried out by the company IM.AF Srl, exceeds 500 thousand euros: «Thanks to the institutions – concludes Vendramini – but also to the associations. Like the Fiab (Italian Federation of the Environment and Bicycles) which always offers precious help and ideas to seize opportunities. In this regard, together with the Municipalities of Soverzene, Alpago, Chies and Tambre, we are creating a new cycle path, through a 5 million euro tender ».

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For his part, finally, Giuseppe Brusamolin of RFI (Italian Railway Network) confirmed his commitment to the territory: «We do not stop. Indeed, we are ready for phase 2, linked to the 2026 Olympics plan ».

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