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Nice Footwear invests €2 million to digitalize design

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Nice Footwear invests €2 million to digitalize design

Nice Footwear focuses on innovation. The Paduan footwear company active in the leisure, sportswear and luxury sectors has introduced augmented reality and virtual reality throughout its design phase. Thanks to the integration of these tools with the 3D software used, the company has now managed to digitize the entire prototyping phase with the aim of limiting waste and making the production process more efficient and virtuous.

The player’s investment in research and development amounted to 2 million euros: a part allocated in the fiscal year 30 April 2022/30 April 2023, and the remainder to 30 April 2024.

“Nice Footwear – he commented Francesco Torresan, Head of Product and COO – is a young and dynamic company that aims to enhance tradition and manufacturing through the potential of digital. Our main objective is to promote innovation to reduce the impact on nature and at the same time improve product performance. After all, our sustainability manifesto “Green is the nicest color” has always been the foundation that guides every company activity. In particular, the R&D department is constantly engaged in the development of production technologies oriented towards the future and respect for the environment”.

Thanks to the innovations implemented, and described in the fourth sustainability report referring to the year 2022-2023 and recently published, the entire design phase is simplified, from the conception of the shoe to the creation of the final sample: the possibility of making changes in time in fact, it reduces production costs, travel and limits waste and materials.

An application has also been programmed that is capable of recognizing physical reality in all its peculiarities, imperfections and unexpected events, which allows each digital element to be made even more precise than reality itself. In addition, the software’s cloud connection makes it possible to access all projects simultaneously, both from the Padua office and from those in Europe and Asia.

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