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Now “Candia helps itself” The project against loneliness starts

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Now “Candia helps itself” The project against loneliness starts

candia canavese

It is called “Candia sielpi” and it is a project that the Municipality of Candia Canavese is organizing with the collaboration of the Aiopp nurses, already active in the management of the nursing clinic.

The goal is to support vulnerable people, families with children and the elderly. To organize the activities, which range from helping with small daily needs, such as shopping, to moments of aggregation, however, volunteers are needed.

A team will then be set up with the coordination of the councilor with responsibility for social policies Barbara Rosignoli who will work together with the nurses.

“As an administration – says the mayor Mario Mottino – we continue to invest in society, but we need to team up, to make ourselves available for the community”.

A listening point will then be created in a room made available by the Municipality which will have to guarantee constant operation. We will then move on to the development of initiatives that will concern the sphere of health care and social aggregation to combat the loneliness of the elderly in the first place. Which are also numerous in the lakeside town.

The organization of courses and lessons focused on medical advice is also scheduled. But there will also be the creation of workshops and initiatives to promote social cohesion.

Those interested must fill in a form distributed in the town hall. A commission will then evaluate the nominations and form the team. And the nursing office will continue to operate.

The service, carried out by professional nurses, costs the Municipality 4,500 euros a year and is free for residents.

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For a fee are only small medications and injections made at the request of users who do not enjoy exemptions. The blood samples, on the other hand, are free for everyone.

The clinic, open every Wednesday morning, will be closed for the week of August 15th, from 15th to 19th. –

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