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Odisha train accident: An attempt to spread hatred by calling the temple near the accident site a mosque and Friday

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Odisha train accident: An attempt to spread hatred by calling the temple near the accident site a mosque and Friday

Odisha train accident: located near the accident site
An attempt to spread hatred by calling the temple building a mosque and Friday
270 No accountability even after more than 100,000 deaths: Rahul Gandhi

Hyderabad: 04/Jun
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Friday 2 June In the late evening of the tragic train accident that occurred in Balasore, Odisha, causing hundreds of deaths, a wave of grief and sorrow has swept across the country. Everyone is saddened by seeing the videos and photos of the accident site. Hospitals and various open places in the accident. The videos and pictures of the bodies of the dead have made every hard-hearted person sad.

Officially in this train accident 275 Passengers have been confirmed dead while media and other sources have reported the death toll since yesterday afternoon 288 They are expressing fear by telling that 300There have been more deaths.!! While in this accident 1،175 Passengers were injured among them 793 was discharged after treatment.

After this accident, a shocking video has gone viral on social media, in which a poor and helpless father is searching for the body of his young son in a pile of corpses. Look at the social media users are expressing their anger. There are ambulance vehicles running at different places in Odisha.

The terrible accident of these three trains in Balasore, Odisha and the death of such a large number of people in it has left the entire country in a dark state without any religious distinction. In this way, a bunch of hateful minds are once again targeting a certain section through various false rumours/images and videos. He is busy making.!! On which many open-minded social media users are also criticizing that these vultures are not going to stop their actions. They only want to do politics on dead bodies and in the same way spreading hatred in every case. To protect the masters from accountability. Because everyone is asking the question who is responsible for such a big accident and hundreds of deaths?

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There, most of the journalists of Godi Media are also engaged in their work. The railway minister tweeted and re-tweeted a picture of the railway minister, praising his services that he is busy monitoring the accident victims day and night and helping them. On the other hand, the leaders of the opposition parties and a large number of social media users are demanding the resignation of the Railway Minister. While a hashtag is also trending in support of the Railway Minister.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet that ” 270 No accountability even after death! The Modi government cannot run away from taking responsibility for such a painful accident. The Prime Minister should immediately request the resignation of the Minister of Railways! “

After the tragedy of the train accident, a group of hateful minds tried to prove that Muslims are responsible for this terrible train accident and the deaths of hundreds of innocent passengers by circulating a picture on Twitter last night!!

The Random Indian@ A verified Twitter handle named 55 With more than a thousand followers, he tweeted a picture of the accident site and wrote: Just saying, yesterday was Friday (Remember that this train accident happened on Friday evening).

In this photo, a white building can be seen near the scattered train coaches at the accident site and an arrow is shown towards it in this photo. Apparently, it is pointing towards the mosque. Day means tomorrow June 3 A tweet was also made in which it was written that ” For information only: Balasore (place of accident) is a stronghold of illegal Rohingya Muslims.

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The picture of the accident scene that was tweeted by this handle has been regularly cropped from the top. And this tweet has been retweeted hundreds of times and various anti-Muslim hate comments have been made on it. Abdul’s trend It should be remembered that this group of haters uses the word Abdul instead of writing Muslim.

Soon after this tweet, fact-checker Muhammad Zubair revealed about the photo and the building identified as a mosque in it that it is a “Baha-Naga Skan Mandir” and not a mosque.

After this lie was revealed, Muhammad Zubair is being targeted on Twitter. Later, the hateful tweet was deleted from the above mentioned Twitter handle. They were made viral. That is, the purpose for which this work was done was fulfilled and an attempt was made to make Muslims responsible for this accident. It is surprising that no legal action is taken against such tweets!!

Original photo of the accident scene, maliciously cropped from the top.

Railway Minister Ashwini Vishnu today Sunday June 4 said that the Balasore train accident occurred due to a change in the electronic interlocking system. It is now a matter of investigation as to who did it and how it happened.

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The Railway Department is treating the train accident as a possible signaling error. The Indian Express reported in its sources that a multi-disciplinary joint inspection note by the supervisors concluded that the Coromandel Superfast Express was on the scheduled main line. The green signal was given to pass and then the signal was removed. But the train entered the loop line and collided with a freight car and derailed. At the same time, Yeswantpur Super Fast Express train came on the down line and due to collision with them, two of its coaches derailed.

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