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Old woman robbed at home, denounced the domestic worker and her daughter

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Old woman robbed at home, denounced the domestic worker and her daughter

The carabinieri of the San Vito al Tagliamento station reported, in a state of freedom, two women, AC 60 and AA 25, mother and daughter, for theft the first and receiving the second.

The investigative activity of the military was born on the basis of the complaint presented by an 80-year-old elderly woman, residing in San Vito al Tagliamento, who had reported the theft of various gold jewelry, kept in a piece of furniture in her apartment.

When the carabinieri had gone to the woman’s house, they had verified that there was no sign of forced entry and, suspicious of this detail, they had asked the complainant who frequented the house, even occasionally.

From the woman’s response, the military had begun a series of investigations and investigations that had led to a narrowing of the circle of suspects.

Furthermore, in parallel with this, they had followed another investigative trail linked to the stolen goods, turning their attention to all the “gold buyers” of the neighboring municipalities to verify if the stolen goods had been sold there.

This trail had given the hoped-for results because the military had found and confiscated the stolen goods, identifying the person who had brought the previously stolen jewels for sale.

Once the young woman AA and daughter of AC had been identified, the military identified the latter as the author of the theft because she occasionally performed the role of domestic worker with the elderly woman and therefore had access to all the rooms of the home of the robbed.

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At the end of the operations, the military returned the stolen goods recovered to the elderly lady, who was happy to regain possession of the memories of a lifetime.

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