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Orange alert in Córdoba after 6.6 tremor

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Orange alert in Córdoba after 6.6 tremor

Cracks in roads and risk of landslides force the evacuation of families in Córdoba after a strong tremor

A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.6 that occurred on May 25 left Córdoba on orange alert due to the devastating effects it caused, for which the local authorities have evacuated approximately 150 families due to the threat of landslides and cracks in the roads, putting endanger the safety of the population.

The Colombian Geological Service reported that the epicenter of the earthquake was located in the Caribbean Sea, but its force was felt in several regions of the country, including Antioquia and Chocó. However, Córdoba was the department most affected by this natural disaster.

The municipality of Puerto Escondido in Córdoba has witnessed the consequences of the tremor, with images that reveal the cracks in the communication routes with other municipalities. In addition, crops have also been harmed by this seismic event.

From the moment the tremor occurred, the local mayor’s office established a Unified Command Post with the participation of the Government of Córdoba, the Colombian Geological Service and the National Risk Management Unit, carrying out preventive activities and evaluating the affected homes. Likewise, the census is being carried out to provide necessary help to the victims.

Faced with the imminent threat of landslides and openings in the land, about 150 families were evacuated. Meanwhile, the Mayor’s Office requested support from the Military Forces to control the area and guarantee the safety of the population.

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As part of the short-term action plan, access to the affected area was restricted, construction was prohibited and bodies of water have been evacuated to reduce the weight on the ground, these measures seek to protect the population from the greatest risks, as the emanation of methane gas from the cracks and possible landslides.

In addition, the Government of Córdoba established the orange alert for all Health Service Provider Institutions in the department of Córdoba. This implies that you must take extra precautions and be prepared to provide medical care in an emergency.

In addition, the authorities continue to monitor the situation and work on the implementation of measures to guarantee the safety of the affected population. The joint efforts of government agencies and military forces are expected to help minimize risks and provide necessary support to families affected by this natural disaster.

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