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Organizer of completely failed Willy Wonka event breaks silence: “My life has become hell”

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In his own words, he only wanted to offer “joy and happiness”, in return he received curses and death threats. The organizer of the completely failed Willy Wonka event in Scotland is testifying for the first time. “My life has become hell.”

The images of the Willy Wonka event in Glasgow, Scotland went around the world at the end of last month. Not because the ‘Willy’s Chocolate Experience’ was, as promised in the advertising, a “celebration of chocolate in all its delicious forms” or an “immersive experience”, but because of the sad sight that the attendees received as soon as they entered the very poorly decorated warehouse and realized that they had paid about 41 euros per person for it. “It was all terrible. All the children were crying,” was how one of the visitors best described the feelings of all the guests.

Billy Coull, the organizer, has now responded for the first time. “My life has become hell since the event,” he explained in a Channel 5 documentary. “I have received hundreds and hundreds of messages telling me to end my life, that I was the true devil and that I was a terrible father himself.”

Coull said he had organized the event “with the best intentions”. “I hoped for something that would be joyful, I hoped that people would experience happiness.”

The organizer, who looks so affected in the documentary that many viewers afterwards expressed on social media how sorry they were for him, has already had a turbulent history in the events industry. For example, he had previously received a lot of criticism for canceling a Christmas event in 2021 after numerous toys and gifts had already been donated.

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