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Pd: Piero Comandini is the new secretary of Sardinia – Sardinia

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Pd: Piero Comandini is the new secretary of Sardinia – Sardinia

I count it 3 days after the vote for chaos in Quartu

Piero Comandini is the new Sardinian secretary of the Democratic Party. The counting operations of the four sealed ballot boxes from two sections of Quartu Sant’Elena ended late in the evening in the regional headquarters of the dem in Cagliari, after Sunday’s vote and the counting was blocked due to an alleged polluting of the vote by exponents of the center-right, rejected today by the regional commission for the congress.

Comandini got the better of the challenger with a narrow lead anyway. Meloni, in fact, obtained over three thousand more votes at the polls, but two fewer delegates at the regional assembly: out of 130 members, in fact, 66 are for Comandini and 64 for Meloni with a difference of only two representatives.

The candidate from Cagliari, regional councilor, is an expression of Sardegna Futura, which among other prominent exponents has Gavino Manca, from the left wing of the party, led by Maria Francesca Fantato from Sassari, and the Sorians. Giuseppe Meloni, from Gallura, also a regional councilor, instead had the support of the reformist area of ​​the dem, from Antonello Cabras to Gianfranco Ganau.

The election of the new secretary of the Democratic Party in Sardinia will be ratified in the first meeting of the regional assembly. Both candidates had supported Stefano Bonaccini in the national primaries. The island, in contrast with the data of the rest of the country, has not contributed to the victory of Elly Schlein.

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