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Peace signatories in Meta create 3 commissions and declare themselves in a humanitarian camp – news

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Peace signatories in Meta create 3 commissions and declare themselves in a humanitarian camp – news

After the extraordinary session of the Departmental Reincorporation Council, held in Mesetas and during which the situation of displacement of the peace signatories of the ‘Mariana Páez’ Territorial Space for Training and Reincorporation (ETCR) was addressed, this camp was declared a humanitarian camp.

At the meeting, together with the institutionality, three important points were agreed with the aim of providing decent guarantees for all.

During the Council, the creation of three commissions was determined:

1. Land Commission, in charge of the land purchase process for housing and productive projects.

2. Commission of the humanitarian route, in which it was agreed to establish the Unified Humanitarian Command Post (PMUH), to coordinate and guarantee comprehensive protection before, during and after displacement.

3. Commission of the humanitarian camp and the monitoring and accompaniment table, responsible for verifying compliance with the commitments.

Meanwhile, the governor of Meta, Juan Guillermo Zuluaga, made a call through his social networks to President Gustavo Petro, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ombudsman’s Office, to urgently address the situation in the ETCR Mariana Páez: “These people bet on peace and need all security guarantees,” he said.

Among the commitments assumed by the Government of Meta, is the realization of a day of health care within the Territorial Space for Training and Reincorporation (ETCR) to know the state in which all the people in reincorporation are, the issuance of yellow alert for the local attention center and the destination of an ambulance that accompanies the route when the displacement is carried out.

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In the same way, a teacher will be assigned so that the children can continue their classes within the ETCR without problems. In addition, the Women’s and Social Secretariats will provide support with three professionals, each, for psychosocial care when the Reincorporation and Normalization Agency (ARN) requires it; and the Secretary of Agriculture will accompany the technical committee on land to provide technical assistance.

For its part, the Secretary for Human Rights and Peace will convene the mayors of Granada, San Juan de Arama, Mesetas and Fuentedeoro to warn about the activation of the humanitarian route and contingency plans, and will be attentive during the development of the PMUH.

The extraordinary meeting was held because on March 16, the peace signatories announced that, due to a lack of security guarantees, close to 200 families will leave the ETCR ‘Mariana Páez’, where they had been for close to six years.

Source: Government of Meta

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