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Peak and plaque in Medellín Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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Peak and plaque in Medellín Wednesday, March 6, 2024

This is the rotation of the peak and license plate for Wednesday, March 6, 2024. Remember that this measure applies to private vehicles (cars, trucks, campers, motorcycles and ATVs), as well as motorcycles, motorcycles, tricycles and two- and four-wheeled mopeds. time.

Exempt Routes

Once again there will be roads exempt from peak and plate, these will be the River Road System, composed of the South Highway, Regional Avenue and Paralela Avenue, Las Palmas Avenue and 33rd Avenue (from the river to its connection with Las Palmas) .

Also the cl. 10 (from the river to the South Terminal and its connection with the Enrique Olaya Herrera airport), the sides of the La Iguaná ravine (between Carreras 63 and 80), the North road of the Horacio Toro bridge, between the loops that allow make the return to the south.

The townships of Medellín will be free of this vehicle restriction.

Peak and plate exemption

Hybrid, electric and gas-converted vehicles are exempt.

Also exempt are: vehicles for emergency care, vehicles that provide personalized and/or home medical care, vehicles that carry out work related to the rescue of organs and tissues and their transplantation.

Likewise exempt are vehicles intended for the transportation of food and/or perishable items, duly accredited and linked to the commercial activity, cargo vehicles, vehicles intended for the provision of public services, vehicles owned by media outlets, national security vehicles belonging to to the Military Forces, National Police, INPEC and the Attorney General’s Office.

Also vehicles intended for traffic control, vehicles intended for the transport of people with illness and/or disability, understood as alternative mobility challenges, vehicles for transporting valuables, vehicles equipped with armor equal to or greater than level 3, funeral cars and vehicles belonging to security companies.

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Penalties for failing to comply with the peak and plate

Failure to comply with the peak and license plate measure generates the immobilization of the vehicle and a financial penalty of 15 current legal daily minimum wages, equivalent to $650.000.

Taxi peak and license plate

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