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Petro and Lula met in Leticia

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Petro and Lula met in Leticia

Presidents of Colombia and Brazil lead efforts to reverse the deterioration of the Amazon.

The presidents of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, and of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, met this Saturday at the headquarters of the National University of Leticia in the closing plenary session of the Technical-Scientific Meeting of the Amazon. The objective of this meeting is to find solutions to reverse the deterioration of the largest jungle region in the world.

During the meeting, the leaders shared views on the need to take concrete measures to address the climate crisis and protect the Amazon. President Petro highlighted the importance of decarbonization and the change in the energy matrix to preserve the Amazon and give humanity a revitalized jungle.

For his part, President Lula da Silva described his Colombian counterpart’s proposal as “fundamental” and emphasized the need to focus efforts on the communities that live in the Amazon, putting people at the center of recovery actions and preservation.

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The technical-scientific meeting has the participation of various actors, including indigenous peoples, non-governmental organizations, academics, scientists, companies and productive sectors. Its objective is to agree on a comprehensive strategy that guarantees the integrity of the Amazon ecosystem, stop land degradation and avoid reaching a point of no return.

The Amazon, considered the lungs of the planet, faces increasing deforestation, forest fires and other destructive human activities that threaten its biodiversity and contribute to climate change. The technical-scientific meeting seeks to generate concrete and collaborative actions to protect and revitalize this important natural heritage.

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The leaders of both countries highlighted the importance of working together and in coordination to face the environmental challenges facing the Amazon and ensure its long-term conservation.

“When I received the invitation from President Petro for this meeting, I thought it was an excellent way to start the talks for the Amazon Summit. We are two great multicultural democracies. I come from the triple border of the Cuenca del Plata to the triple border of the Amazon, to launch the preparations for a new summit”, Lula commented.

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