Home News Piombino regasification plant is a rock for the new government. The mayor Fdi champion of the no

Piombino regasification plant is a rock for the new government. The mayor Fdi champion of the no

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Piombino regasification plant is a rock for the new government.  The mayor Fdi champion of the no

The project for a regasifier presented by Snam to be positioned in the port of Piombino (Livorno), an intervention wanted by the Government to break away from gas supplies from Russia and address energy needs, is now an important political case for the future center-right executive. by Giorgia Meloni. The mayor of the city Francesco Ferrari, of Fratelli d’Italia, remains the champion of the hard line against the intention to place the Golar Tundra ship inside the city port and has declared his clear opposition on several occasions, the latest to on the eve of the second meeting of the services conference (7 October) and despite the reassurances provided by Snam. A position in contrast with the national leaders of his party and the center-right coalition, in favor of regasifiers.

Melons: priority is energy supply

In the electoral campaign for the vote on September 25, Meloni had explained: “We have the obligation to verify whether at the same time, therefore without lengthening the time, there may be a more adequate seat than that of Piombino in order not to make all the sacrifices fall on it. city”. Adding: “For me the national energy supply is the priority.” For Eugenio Giani (Pd), president of the Tuscany Region and extraordinary commissioner for the construction of the work, it is “a beautiful message especially to those who have held very different positions in the area up to now, despite being from his party” .

The mayor: also opposed to the off-shore option

Ferrari, however, confirms his no: «The opposition of the Municipality and the city to the construction of the work in the port has already been crystallized in the hundreds of pages of opinions that we have filed in the Region and presented in the first appointment of the services conference. At this second meeting (October 7, ndr), we will deal with the times of the possible stay in the port and after Piombino. Without prejudice to the absolute opposition to the location of the plant in the port that we have already clarified and will continue to support, Piombino must be strictly excluded from the off-shore options ».

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Isabella Rauti, newly re-elected senator of the Brothers of Italy, at 24 Mattino on Radio 24, clarified the party’s position: «We have always maintained that regasifiers must be built, they must be done safely, with all the necessary guarantees that must be demonstrated. That of the regasification plants is one of the ways to go and we are not holding back. The local question must be evaluated, it cannot be made a question of party membership. There are preconditions to consider that are of overriding interest. If they have a prevailing interest, we are in favor of the regasification plant as one of the solutions, not as a single solution “.

Tuscan council bowl M5s act for regasification stop

The contrast between the territory and the national summit was also seen at the Regional Council of Tuscany which, on Wednesday 5 October, rejected an act that would have committed the council “to interrupt any act or fact aimed at the construction of the regasification plant in Piombino, including the works prodromal and ancillary inextricably connected to it, awaiting the installation of the new Government “and” to therefore request an evaluation in the appropriate venues for an alternative location to the work “. The act was presented by the M5S group and was supported by the center-right parties which are in the opposition: Fdi, Lega and Fi.

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