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Preparing for Ramadan between what is known from religion and what is known from secularism

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In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Preparing for Ramadan between what is known from religion and what is known from secularism

It has been the custom of most Muslims, in the past, and to this day, to prepare for the month of Ramadan from two basic starting points. The first is spiritual, and essentially begins with the entry of the month of Shaban, with preachers and preachers at the forefront, focusing in their sermons and sermons on the importance of psychological and physical preparation during it, through fasting. And doing and getting used to doing good deeds and avoiding their bad deeds, in accordance with the rule of “sweetening before sweetening,” which the poet expresses in another context, but it has a deep meaning when he says: Her desire came to me before I knew the desire, and it came across an empty heart and we gained it, so that the believer works to rid his heart of all impurity. Which stuck to him during the daily practice of his various life activities throughout the year, until when the month of fasting came, he found this heart free of all distractions, so that it became ready and qualified to interact positively with its requirements, which achieve for its owner the religious and devotional goal of piety, in accordance with what God Almighty says in the verse 183 from Surah Al-Baqarah: “O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you, that you may become righteous.” In addition to physical, psychological, and societal purposes…

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As for the second starting point, it is generally materialistic, linked to everything related to lust, play, and amusement, and what goes on in the world of material things, both permissible and forbidden. Thus, we find those who strive to provide and prepare everything related to the desires of the stomach, including various foods and drinks, to then be presented in the manner in which they are presented. It pushes people to go to extremes in purchasing them, and those who devote themselves to preparing everything that would attract people to spend their time in various forms and colors of entertainment, from series, evening parties, plays, etc. and… and…

In addition to these two starting points, there is a starting point that has appeared in recent years, which is mainly manifested in the disdain for the ritual of fasting and its privacy, such that its proponents were not satisfied with breaking the fast in secret, but rather went beyond it by demanding a public breaking of the fast without the slightest consideration for the feelings of Muslims who represent the overwhelming majority in Moroccan society. What caught my attention this year was the shift in demand to delete Chapter 222 of the Penal Code regarding public breakfasts, in which articles, blogs, and videos are relied upon… under the guise of defending individual freedoms, based on the promulgation of the Constitution, which stated that “Morocco is committed to “With the supremacy of international conventions over internal laws, to the level where the “Deleuz Institute for Policy Analysis,” according to what was stated in an article published on February 25, 2024 in the electronic newspaper Hespress, “held meetings with parliamentarians belonging to the Socialist Union of Popular Forces Party, the Party of Progress and Socialism, and the Party of Authenticity and Modernity.” And the National Rally of Liberals party, calling for “official meetings” in order to create a channel for negotiation between the civil and political parties and bring the political actor closer to the “futility” of continuing Chapter 222 of the Penal Code, which criminalizes breaking the fast in public during Ramadan.

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Perhaps the content of this paragraph does not require a specialist in text analysis to pay attention to a group of connotations, including:

This institute is not independent, as it tries to define itself, but is biased towards the secular group hired to serve the Western agenda that has become known to the public and private. The institute does not wish to negotiate between the civil and political parties, as much as it wishes to impose the deletion of Chapter 222 of the Moroccan Criminal Code. This is evidenced by the fact that the statement that the political actor is close to “the futility of continuing this separation” indicates that he is placing himself in the position of a professor in exchange for the status of a student for the political actor. Preparing for the month of fasting with this very demand, and seeking the assistance of parliamentarians, suggests that the aforementioned parties are sensing the pulse of the Moroccan street, before they get involved. In the official meetings that the Institute publicly calls for, knowing that the involvement of these parliamentarians in these meetings raises more than one question point.

In the end, I am certain that as long as our “study institutes” are at the forefront of this type of institutes that are necessarily secular, and which have been established in order to serve foreign agendas whose sole goal is to undermine everything related to our principles and values, then we will not have a list, unless the relevant authorities stand up. To stop it at its limit, and not to deem the term research permissible for anyone and everyone, by requiring precise specifications and characteristics, through which the soundness of the objectives envisaged by its creation on the one hand, and the integrity and credibility of those responsible for it and the research staff on the other hand are confirmed, provided that the research and studies are directed towards… Priority issues.

Al-Hassan Jroudy

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