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President Nayib Bukele receives astronaut Frank Rubio in his office – Diario La Página

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President Nayib Bukele met with Salvadoran-American astronaut Frank Rubio on Friday afternoon to discuss the potential contributions Rubio could make to education and science in the nation. The meeting, which took place in the president’s office, was also attended by the United States Ambassador to El Salvador, William H. Duncan, and the Minister of Communications, Sofía Medina.

Rubio, who is the first astronaut of Salvadoran origin, shared his experiences of his visit to El Salvador, during which he had the chance to visit various sites including the department of La Unión, where he lived with his grandmother for several years, Don Bosco University, and the Tin Marín museum. Rubio expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome he received in his home country, describing his experience as “incredible and very great.”

President Bukele commended Rubio for his achievements at NASA, where he holds the record for spending the most days in space. The president also acknowledged Rubio’s role in inspiring other Salvadorans to take an interest in the space race.

The meeting was a significant moment for El Salvador, as it highlighted the country’s pride in Rubio’s accomplishments and the potential for collaboration between Rubio and the government to further advancements in education and science. Rubio’s visit to his homeland has not only been a personal journey but also a testament to the potential for Salvadorans to reach new heights in the field of space exploration.

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