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Prisons: memorandum of understanding for prison work program signed

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Prisons: memorandum of understanding for prison work program signed

Modem and fiber. The road to reintegration into society after prison passes through work. And a training path that gives the opportunity to follow a new path. With the large TLC and ICT companies entering prison and offering prisoners a second chance. This is precisely the theme at the center of the Memorandum of Understanding “Prison work” signed in Uta (Cagliari) and Turin between the ministers Marta Cartabia, Vittorio Colao and the representatives of Fastweb, Linkem, Tiscali, Sky, Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Windtre, Open Fiber, Sielte and Sirti.

Work for a new chance

The aim of the initiative is “to offer professional opportunities, train specialized skills and promote the social reintegration of prisoners”. All this, as part of a project born following the collaboration between the Ministry of Justice and the Department for digital transformation.

The agreement

The agreement signed between companies and institutions develops on two tracks. One as part of a program to which Fastweb, Linkem, Tiscali, Sky, Telecom Italia, Vodafone and Windtre have already joined, and the other with the plan for the construction of access networks in which Open Fiber, Sielte and Sirti.

Cartabia: solution to guarantee the constitutional face of the sentence

The Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia looks positively at the initiative, underlining the “mobilization of many subjects and many administrations and many important companies involved in a project that has its heart in a sector decided for the country which is technological innovation “. Premise to underline the importance of work, which the minister emphasizes is “a decisive and essential component to guarantee the constitutional face of the sentence which, let us remember it according to article 27 of the Constitution, is always oriented to the re-education, resocialization and reintegration of all condemned”. Not only that, the minister also remarked that «in this moment of great transformation in our country everyone must do his or her own, but all together we must look each other in the face and create connections for the good of all together for the whole country. This start-up that starts from two different cities connected and connected is a way to underline that it is a project that concerns the whole country, with this connection we embrace the whole national territory “.

The new course

Then the new course: «Today not just any occupation or a filling of the hours of time, which would be significant – adds the Minister of Justice – but real work with professional training and adequate remuneration and prepares the post-end sentence. Having worked for such qualified and important companies can make the difference and allow you to be viewed with less distrust ».

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