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Prosecuted for transporting weapons, suppliers and ammunition on Huila roads

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Prosecuted for transporting weapons, suppliers and ammunition on Huila roads

Two men were arrested and prosecuted for allegedly transporting firearms, supplies and ammunition on the roads of the department of Huila.

The joint operation was carried out by researchers from the CTI of the Huila Sectionwith the support of the Army, in compliance with arrest warrants against him.

The individuals identified as Miguel Andrés Paredes Trujillo and Javier Varela Arias were captured at different points in the department.. Paredes Trujillo was arrested in the Santa Librada neighborhood of Neiva, while Varela Arias was captured in the Quebrada Honda Bridge sector, on the road that connects the municipality of Rivera with the township of La Ulloa in Huila.

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The investigation dates back to events that occurred in January of this year, when both men were detained while They were traveling in a private vehicle on the Neiva road towards the Amborco village, in the municipality of Palermo. During the inspection of the vehicle at a Military Gaula post, a pistol, traumatic weapon suppliers, more than 200 cartridges and tactical equipment, among other items, were found.

Despite having been released on the day of the events, investigative activities continued, which led to his subsequent capture and prosecution. Both individuals face charges of manufacturing, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition in a homogeneous and successive contest.

It is important to highlight that Both Paredes Trujillo and Varela Arias have prior records for similar crimes., which aggravates their legal situation. Currently, they are under a home security measure while the judicial process against them continues.

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