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Quintero and Claudia López face off with Win Sports to broadcast the final

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Quintero and Claudia López face off with Win Sports to broadcast the final

The inhabitants of Medellín were ‘initiated’ with what was the final in the first leg, with an insipid 0 to 0 that benefited the visitor more. However, the green fans are confident that they will win the final and the Mayor of Medellín wants to put the party on giant screens with the live broadcast of the game.

However, to the surprise of many, the Win Sports board of directors flatly refused to allow this to happen, which left Mayor Daniel Quintero dismayed. “The directors of Win Sports, from the Ardila Lule group (owners of Postobón), have prohibited the transmission of the final on the giant screens that BetPlay had donated. From the Medellín Mayor’s Office we invite you to reflect and reach an agreement that benefits the city”.

According to the Mayor of Medellín, several brands were already ready to sponsor these massive events: “Betplay, Latina Estereo and the Parque Lleras Corporation come together with three Giant Screens to watch the final in Lleras.”

In Bogotá they wanted to do exactly the same. With so many Millonarios fans who stayed outside the stadium because they did not have the ticket, they planned to put together the party in Simón Bolívar Park. But Win Sports damaged their plan.

“In Bogotá we were willing to put the Simón Bolívar Park, screens, logistics and security for the enjoyment of the fans. The only thing that Win Sports had to provide was the signal. Unfortunate that they neither put nor let do. Meanness”, assured the mayoress Claudia López.

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Win Sports’ response: Why don’t they let the games be broadcast?

The Win Sports channel assures that “the mayor’s office has not been licensed or authorized, nor third parties to broadcast said content,” further arguing that they are “owners of the broadcast rights.”

“Given this situation, it is considered relevant to share the vocation of broadcasting rights, their true meaning and the way in which they intend to support this sport,” they added in the statement.

According to the channel, the acquisition of television rights to sporting events such as Colombian professional soccer matches and the payments that have been and will continue to be made through Dimayor to the clubs (which are the owners of the transmission rights), constitutes one of the most important sources of economic income for them.

They clarify that in Colombia, Win Sports SAS is the only company with sports channels that has the rights to produce, register, record, capture, fix, edit, broadcast, broadcast, communicate, distribute and make available the audiovisual signal of Football. Colombian Professional – FPC, such as: Betplay Dimayor League, Tournament and Cup, Betplay Dimayor Women’s League and Super League.

They ensure that “ignoring this situation and retransmitting the signal by any means in public places would incur criminal sanctions, in accordance with the provisions of Colombian legislation and international treaties, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO, as is the Decision Andina 351 of 1993, Decision 486 of 2000, Law 23 of 1982, Law 1581 of 2012, particularly by Law 599 of 2000, article 271 and following, of the Colombian Penal Code”.

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