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Relatives and followers remember the legacy of Martín Elías seven years after his death

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Relatives and followers remember the legacy of Martín Elías seven years after his death

This Sunday, April 14, the seventh anniversary of the death of the singer Martín Elías Díaz Acosta is commemoratedwho died after suffering a traffic accident on the roads of the department of Sucre, after finishing his last concert in Coveñas.

The artist was at the peak of his musical career and was preparing to release the album ‘Sin Límites’ alongside accordion player Rolando Ochoa, marking a milestone in music for being the heirs of two minstrels of Vallenato folklore: Calixto Ochoa and Diomedes Díaz .

Martín Elías Díaz achieved many successes in a short time, which earned him several recognitions. He was praised at each of his musical performances, not only for his talent, but also for the charisma and positive energy he radiated on stage.

In his musical catalog the songs ‘EL Terremoto’, ‘Ten reasons to love you’, ‘Ábrete’, ‘Twenty more lives’ stand out.‘, ‘My ex’, ‘My ideal love’, ‘Cancelled from my life’ and ‘Crazy about your love’, among others.


In dialogue with EL PILÓN, Diomedes de Jesús Díaz, brother of Martín Elías, asked his followers to remember him with joy to keep his legacy alive. Furthermore, he commented This Sunday, April 14, he will be singing in Pitalito, Huila, and within the show he will include some songs recorded by his late artist.

Martín was a being who was characterized by transmitting love and joy to his followers, that is why we must remember him by listening and singing his music as we will do this weekend in Pitalito”Diomedes said of Jesus.

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For its part, Rafael María Díaz recalled an anecdote that he lived with Martín Elías when he studied at El Carmelo school, in Valledupar.

Once, at El Carmelo school I had a civic event and I had to write some verses; That day I went to the house where he lived with his mother and he helped me write those verses; I learned them and with them I did the civic act, everything went super well”he recalled.

At the same time, he stated that he misses the humility and simplicity that characterized his brother. “The truth is, he was one of those who cared about his brothers in every way. He always invited me to do things and took the initiative to motivate me to be close to him.”he added.


In commemoration of the seventh anniversary of Martin Elias Diazhis family and followers will gather at the Cemetery Gardens of Ecce Homo, Valledupar, as they usually do every year since he passed away. There will be a floral offering, a religious service and they will remember his legacy by performing his songs.


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