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Renowned merchant was murdered in Zuluaga, Garzón

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Renowned merchant was murdered in Zuluaga, Garzón

In the Town Center of Zuluaga, an incident of hitmen was recorded in which the merchant José Alonso Romero, affectionately known as “El Paisa”, lost his life.

According to known information, the man was brutally shot to death while he was preparing to open his establishment..

The event occurred when Romero, 57 years old and owner of the popular meat store “Carnes El Paisa,” was starting his daily routine. Two individuals on a motorcycle surprised him, shot him at point-blank range and fled, leaving the victim seriously injured.

Despite efforts to save his life, José Alonso Romero did not survive the attack.. He was rushed to the María Auxiliadora ESE, but unfortunately died on the way, leaving the community of Zuluaga and its surroundings dismayed.

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Romero was not only a respected merchant, but also a much-loved figure in the town.

Local authorities are carrying out search operations to find those responsible, while investigation teams work on collecting evidence, including the analysis of security cameras in the area.

Precisely, crucial information has been obtained from images captured by security cameras near the crime scene. In a video, two individuals on a motorcycle can clearly be seen passing in front of José Alonso’s establishment.where one of them gets out of the vehicle and carries out the violent attack, while his accomplice waits a few meters away.

The Zuluaga community is shocked and demands justice for José Alonso Romero. It is hoped that the authorities will be able to clarify this unfortunate event and bring the culprits to justice.

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