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Roy Barreras overcame cancer after successful operation

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Roy Barreras overcame cancer after successful operation

Roy Barreras said: “I won this bone battle for you”, after confirming that his surgery was successful and that he does not have cancer.
The former leader of the Senate of the Republic thanked those who waited for his treatment after a colonoscopy revealed a tumor.

Roy Barreras, former president of the Congress of the Republic, underwent a difficult surgical procedure as part of his colon cancer treatment on the morning of Saturday, June 3 and declared: “I have come out of surgery well.” He had been diagnosed with the disease in October 2022.

He himself reported on his Twitter account that the operation was a success and that he was out of danger, but out of fear of some of the hardened politicians of Cali’s followers, he did so. In other messages, the former congressman from the bench of the historical pact thanked those who helped him and expressed his feelings for having to submit to the claws of the scalpel to treat his oncological disease.

The experienced former senator, who served for more than twenty years in the Senate of the Republic, had regularly updated the public on his state of health. In February of this year he assured that the radiotherapy and chemotherapy he had received had reduced the cancer.

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Barreras underwent surgery late at night and, as already mentioned, was successful in what he said was the final phase of treatment for his condition. His press team claimed that as soon as he came out of surgery, he stated that everything had gone according to plan and that he had entered the recovery area.

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Barreras said he felt “relieved” to be able to concentrate on his recovery away from the demanding routine of the Legislature, despite the fact that he had to leave Congress in mid-May, with only two months to go until his presidency ended there, by decision of the Council. of State that removed the seat for double militancy.

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