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Ruby ter: pm, Berlusconi had sex slaves, that’s history

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Ruby ter: pm, Berlusconi had sex slaves, that’s history

‘He could have had the world at his feet, today he’s a sick man’

(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 18 – “The facts have already been handed over to History, regardless of our assessments and that of the defenses, this fact is no longer ours but handed over to History: the Prime Minister (Berlusconi, ed) in office used to systematically cheer up their evenings by hosting groups of odalisques, paid sex slaves at home “. This was explained by the assistant prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano in the indictment of the Milanese trial on the Ruby ter case, also starting to talk about the “payment of witnesses”, that is the so-called ‘olgettine’, at the center of the accusation of corruption in judicial documents.

Girls who, Siciliano added, “amused him, some spent the night with him and these facts, closed with final judgment, have been crystallized as historical fact: the activity of a consolidated prostitution system”. And the “incontrovertible fact is that the two final judgments become part of the process we are dealing with”.

Berlusconi, he continued, was a man “who could have the world at his feet, who was accompanied by friendships like the one with Putin, the one who is now bringing the world to its knees” and today “what we are trying is a great old man, a sick man “.

First Siciliano had stated that in the Ruby ter case a man is being tried who was “the Prime Minister”, one of the “richest people in the world“, who “had the power to change the state” and who today instead “is a great sick old man “, whose” we know his private life because of journalistic interest and we look at this with tenderness and compassion “.

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And on the other hand “we try a group of women whose main characteristic, the cause of the troubles, is the beauty, now past, at the time they were very young”. (HANDLE).

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