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Spring comes to China’s Vientiane to update traditional agriculture and usher in new changes – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Spring comes to China’s Vientiane to update traditional agriculture and usher in new changes – Xinhua English.news.cn

CCTV News: Spring comes to China, Vientiane is renewed. Today, science and technology are becoming an important support for consolidating the foundation of my country’s grain production capacity. Digital technology has enabled dairy cows and other breeding industries to have new ways of raising them, deeply participating in the shaping of the entire industrial chain, and more traditional agricultural industries ushering in a new look.

After the beginning of spring, new seed varieties are being born in the seed test field of Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

CCTV reporter Jiang Shulin: Experimental varieties are what we call new varieties. To use a vivid metaphor, they are still learning, waiting to “graduate” and enter the list. This is because their “elders” and “senior brothers”, which are now the main varieties in the field, are all outstanding.

Lei Zhensheng, chief expert of the wheat industry technology system in Henan Province, director of the Wheat Research Institute of the Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences: They (new varieties) can only successfully “graduate” if they outperform their “predecessors” and their “big brothers”. “.

In the experimental field, many seeds with outstanding strength have formed a star family: among them, Bainong 207 has ranked first in the national promotion area for three consecutive years since 2018, with a cumulative promotion area of ​​over 100 million mu; Zhengmai 379 is the current Huanghuai South area The high-quality and strong gluten variety with the largest planting area in the wheat area; Zhengmai 136 has withstood the test of various natural disasters and pests and diseases in recent years, and is expected to become a new generation of leading varieties.

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In the new year, this dairy farming enterprise in Laixi City, Shandong Province has used the newly upgraded intelligent breeding management system, which has realized unmanned from feeding, ventilation, spraying to milk production. However, enterprises encountered difficulties in the financing process. Traditional bank credit business mainly mortgages real estate, and few banks are willing to mortgage biological assets like cows. To this end, the local government promoted the cooperation between banks and Internet companies to install digital ear tags on each cow. The chip on the ear tag can monitor the cow’s body temperature, activity, exercise and other vital characteristics in multiple dimensions to form a digital identification. sent to the bank terminal.

Today, 93 smart animal husbandry demonstration application bases and 42 smart pastures have been built in Shandong alone. “Digital workers” make breeding more refined and standardized, and also give the long-term development of breeding enterprises motivation and confidence.

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