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Stop bivouacs in Viterbo, mayor’s anti-degradation ordinance – Lazio

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Stop bivouacs in Viterbo, mayor’s anti-degradation ordinance – Lazio

Fines of up to 500 euros, it is also forbidden to leave waste on the street

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 21 – The mayor of Viterbo declares war on the wild bivouac with the ordinance for decorum and the fight against urban decay. With the provision that came into force today, Chiara Frontini intends to crack down on all forms of degradation in the historic center of Viterbo and Bagnaia.

It will no longer be possible to sit on monuments or stairs of historic buildings. So goodbye to the chats on the steps of the lion fountain in Piazza delle Erbe and green light for the public benches. Obviously also to stem the growing phenomenon of the abandonment of garbage bags on the streets, the mayor has also added to the ordinance the absolute ban on the abandonment of waste of any kind.

Violators will be punished with a fine ranging from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 500 euros, without prejudice to the criminal relevance for facts constituting a crime and without prejudice to the application of further sanctions and measures envisaged by state, regional or municipal regulations.

“The safety of citizens and visitors and the improvement of urban decorum have always been two of the focal points of the city’s management strategy – explains the mayor Frontini -. After the neighborhood watch and the increase in foot patrols in the historic center , this year we have anticipated the ordinance, generally in force for the summer, considering the numerous demonstrations and events scheduled for spring, and the influx of visitors which is constantly growing.It is a tool that must be applied with common sense and which will allow us to experience the initiatives planned in recent months with even more serenity”.

This resolution, which is added to those of the neighborhood policeman and neighborhood watch, is part of the panorama of initiatives implemented by the current administration for the recovery of the historic centers of Viterbo and Bagnaia. (HANDLE).

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