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Superbonus scam, 10 arrests in a police-finance blitz – Veneto

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Superbonus scam, 10 arrests in a police-finance blitz – Veneto

Suspects laundered money in activities on Lake Garda

Ten people were arrested as part of an investigation by the Verona prosecutor’s office into a 17 million euro scam for superbonus contributions and consequent money laundering on Lake Garda.
The operation was completed by the financiers of Verona and Agrigento and by the Carabinieri of Verona, who carried out the restrictive measures between Veneto, Lazio, Piedmont and Sicily. Three people were taken to jail while seven others are under house arrest.
The Scaliger investigating judge, at the request of the investigating judicial authority, also ordered the preventive seizure aimed at the confiscation of assets for a value of over 5 million euros. Therefore, the seals have also been triggered on current accounts, cars, buildings as well as on companies and commercial and tourist activities including hotels, pastry shops and restaurants in various locations on Lake Garda.
The accusation against the suspects is that of having been part of a criminal association aimed at committing fraud for the illicit receipt of state contributions for “facade bonuses”, using fictitious tax credits which then, once monetised, they were recycled in the acquisition of economic activities on Lake Garda. All aggravated by the transnational nature, since it took place both on the national territory and abroad. (HANDLE).

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