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Talk about intangible cultural heritage and cultural relics protection to continue the historical context of Jiangsu’s story_Xinhua News Agency

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According to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the 2023 “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” series of activities in Jiangsu Province will be officially launched on June 10. During the event, 1,041 publicity and display activities will be held online and offline across the province, including 607 intangible cultural heritage activities and 434 cultural relic activities. .

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “Cultural relics and cultural heritage carry the genes and blood of the Chinese nation, and are non-renewable and irreplaceable excellent Chinese civilization resources.” Good protection, inheritance, and good use of intangible cultural heritage and cultural relics, good talk about intangible cultural heritage and The Jiangsu story of cultural relics protection is of great significance for continuing the historical context, strengthening cultural self-confidence, promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, and building a socialist cultural power.

Trees are thousands of feet tall and have roots, and water flows thousands of miles with sources. Intangible cultural heritage and cultural relics are relics and relics left by the Chinese nation in social activities for thousands of years. They are important symbols and wisdom crystallizations of the historical and cultural achievements of the country and the nation, important heritage of human history and culture, and treasures of our nation. Jiangsu Province is a well-known “intangible cultural heritage province”, with more than 3,000 intangible cultural heritage items. Qinhuai lanterns, Suzhou embroidery, Yixing purple sand pots, etc. are world-famous, and Kunqu Opera, Suzhou Song Brocade, Nanjing Yunjin Weaving, etc. Catalog of Representative Works of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In terms of cultural relics, the Nanjing Museum alone has a collection of more than 430,000 cultural relics. These intangible cultural heritage items and cultural relics have always been alive and fresh in the long history of ups and downs, drawing a brilliant and dazzling scroll of Chinese culture that has attracted worldwide attention.

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Take the lead in promulgating the “Jiangsu Action Plan on Making Cultural Relics Live and Expanding the International Influence of Chinese Culture” in the country, research and formulate a series of policy documents on strengthening the protection of “intangible cultural heritage”, promoting the reform and development of museums, and inheriting and developing traditional crafts with high quality; The Jiangsu Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology has added an archaeological management office in the department; comprehensively implemented the pre-archaeological reform, and launched the Jiangsu Regional Civilization Discovery Project in the whole province… Over the years, Jiangsu has been intensively cultivating in the field of intangible cultural heritage and cultural relics protection, actively Carried out research on “intangible cultural heritage”, held a large number of high-level forums on “intangible cultural heritage”, produced a large number of theoretical achievements, compiled and published “Summary of the First Batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage in Jiangsu Province” and “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jiangsu Province” A large number of books such as “Heritage Overview” and “Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Heritage breaking latest news” have also explored the Jiangsu experience of the integration and development of “intangible cultural heritage resources + cultural creativity”, which has built a solid “firewall” for cultural protection and opened up for cultural inheritance. Created a series of unobstructed “capillaries”.

This year’s “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day”, focusing on intangible cultural heritage workshops and time-honored brands, invited 86 intangible cultural heritage boutique projects, rural revitalization projects and research and training projects from various districts and cities in the province, the Yangtze River Delta region, etc. A total of 3,892 intangible cultural heritage works participated in the exhibition. In addition to the record high number of publicity and display activities and the number of exhibited works, the scope of the exhibition is also wider than in previous years. 10 representative items of intangible cultural heritage in the Yangtze River Delta region such as silk painting, mortise and tenon techniques, and Xuan brush production techniques in Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Anhui Invited to exhibit. The more exhibits, the stronger the shock and more confidence. Today, we watch intangible cultural heritage items, visit historical relics, and lament that the Chinese culture has a long history, broad and profound, and the great spirit of the Chinese nation that is rooted in our hearts and integrated into our blood will be further awakened and strengthened, and our ambition, backbone, and confidence will continue to be strengthened. Accumulate the powerful energy of self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-improvement, and inspire us to write and create new glories of Chinese civilization with a stronger spirit of self-reliance and self-improvement and the courage to continue to struggle.

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The elder who seeks the tree must strengthen its root. Inheriting and protecting the intangible cultural heritage and cultural relics that contain rich Chinese culture is not only a source of strength to protect the cultural confidence of the Chinese nation, but also an inexhaustible driving force to inspire Chinese sons and daughters to inherit culture and continue civilization. (Cheng Kei)

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