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Tan Xiaofei: The CCP is returning to its original path |

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[Epoch Times September 5, 2021]For a long time, the various measures of the CCP and the consequences and the international community’s response have made the author feel familiar. After thinking about it carefully, I found that the CCP was returning along its path of origin.

Not to mention the shameless and brutal history of the CCP’s usurpation, just look at the situation after the CCP’s usurpation. At that time, the international community generally regarded communism as a scourge and did not recognize the terrorist dictatorship of the CCP. The undecided CCP brazenly sent troops to North Korea to go to war with the United Nations headed by the United States. After that, it was isolated by the international community. It can only hug those socialist countries for warmth. In fact, they are using the same bed but different dreams, so they are also full of contradictions. However, in mainland China, the CCP with the butcher knife in its hands is still very prestigious. The so-called “land reform”, “capitalist industrial and commercial reform”, etc., are actually killing people and selling goods. The three anti-five anti-rights, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution and other movements one after another, the people did not live their lives. The struggle within the Communist Party of China is also in full swing. The former No. 2 figure Liu Shaoqi was killed, and Lin Biao, Mao Zedong’s “close comrade-in-arms and successor” stipulated by the Communist Party’s Constitution, fled and died in the Mongolian desert.

The improvement of the CCP’s international environment originated from the struggle for hegemony between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The CCP, which had become enemies with the Soviet Union, became the target of the United States. Nixon’s visit to China was the CCP’s life-saving straw. Soon Mao Zedong finally went to see Marx. The CCP, which had changed its dynasty, had to carry out reforms and opening up in the face of the nearly collapsed national economy. At the same time, the power struggle within the Communist Party of China has also taken a temporary step towards a relatively civilized one, and proposed not to engage in “physical elimination.” So the CCP gradually ushered in its bright moment, even though it was just a false prosperity.

In terms of economy, foreign investment is flooding in. The CCP’s economy has indeed continued to grow at a high rate at least in numbers, and the living standards of most people have improved significantly. This is also one of the most successful aspects of the CCP’s deception of the people. Some scholars have summed up the so-called economic development of the CCP as “eating the ancestors’ meal and cutting off the roads of descendants”. To make a simple analogy, what the CCP did was to first snatch a piece of ancestral woodland from your family (land reform), then toss you, making you scared of food and fear (the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution), and finally hire you to save the woodland. All the trees are cut down (reform and opening up), the normal salary is 1,000 yuan, but it only gives you 300 yuan; the market price of all timber is 100,000 yuan, but the price it sells to a foreigner is 70,000 yuan, on the condition that the foreigner Must sing hymns for the CCP. Your income has increased than before, but the problem is, first, the 100,000 yuan was originally yours; second, you will no longer have any income. Even from the perspective of the CCP’s economic development model, it is simple and extensive. The only thing to look at is cheap labor and land costs. The price is environmental pollution, destructive mining, waste of resources, and low efficiency. The result is that in addition to earning a little No income other than processing fees. The CCP’s economic foundation is still weak, without core technology and advanced management, it has not yet been able to independently produce automobile engines; its structure is still single, and it is heavily dependent on foreign trade exports. The biggest problem with this development model is fragility and unsustainability. Of course, the CCP doesn’t care about this. It kills chickens and takes eggs. It is short and fast. The lies produced in this way are more deceptive.

With its pockets growing, the CCP is eager to apply grease and powder to build an international image. It uses China‘s huge domestic market as a bargaining chip to lure and threaten international consortia and governments. At the same time, it uses money and beauty to attract and support agents in international organizations and political circles. , To carry out ideological infiltration in the name of cultural exchanges such as Confucius Institutes. These are all the CCP’s masterpieces.

So we saw the return of Hong Kong, the CCP joined the World Trade Organization, the CCP hosted the Olympic Games, the CCP’s GDP is the second in the world, the CCP’s foreign exchange reserves are the world’s first, the CCP is engaged in the Belt and Road Initiative, and so on. The CCP’s mouthpiece certainly spares no effort to preach. Not only are many ordinary people indulged in such “great achievements” and complacent, even the CCP, as a lie maker, is also intoxicated.

Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years. Former US President Trump broke the CCP’s wishful thinking. The trade war launched by Trump to end the unfair trade pattern caught the CCP by surprise, and foreign capital has withdrawn from the mainland. This is in stark contrast with the grand occasion when foreign capital swarmed; what followed was an impact on the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. This has caused a series of problems such as a large number of unemployment and a decline in foreign trade exports. Trump also resisted the infiltration of the CCP’s culture and ideology, and designated CCP mouthpieces and other institutions in the United States as agents of foreign governments and put them under strict monitoring. Companies with a Chinese military background, such as ZTE and Huawei, have been sanctioned for violating U.S. regulations and are dying. Trump also launched an investigation and accountability of the origin of the CCP virus, and cracked down on CCP secret agents who used the identities of foreign students as a cover to steal high and new technologies, which caused the CCP to suffer. In addition to the United States, major Western powers such as the European Union, Australia, Canada, and Japan are also facing the CCP on economic and trade issues, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, and the CCP virus. The CCP’s international environment has taken a turn for the worse.

The CCP also feels the coolness of autumn. The withdrawal of foreign capital and the decline of the foreign trade industry are a fait accompli. The CCP has no choice but to propose an “internal loop.” It has been a long-standing fact that energy, food, and cutting-edge technology are heavily dependent on imports. You can immediately go back to the era of supply by ticket; the closed-country lock-up mode has been opened, not only will you no longer apply for a passport, even if you have a passport and visa, you will be repeatedly questioned or even unreasonably rejected when you leave the country. The shy CCP has its eyes on private enterprises, what is mixed ownership, what is antitrust, what is the third distribution, which is quite polite. After toasting, it is fined wine and confiscated property; externally, it is a war wolf. The image of “I’m a gangster, I’m afraid of someone’s face, anyway, dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water.”

The problem is that this 180-degree policy reversal is tantamount to the CCP’s slap in the face. Therefore, the CCP desperately needs to give itself a step forward. On the one hand, it is used to maintain its own glory, on the other hand, it violently suppresses the people’s doubts and continues to deceive the people. , This is the second Cultural Revolution. On August 29, the Chinese Communist Party, government, military, and dozens of provincial, district, and municipal media simultaneously reposted Li Guangman’s article on important pages. The core content of this gunpowder-scented article is to shift contradictions and provoke hatred. On the one hand, it demonizes the international society headed by the United States, saying that the United States has imposed “threat”, “blockade”, “strike”, “encirclement and suppression” and so on against China. “The people are in deep disaster.” On the other hand, it one-sidedly emphasized the chaos in the capital circle, the entertainment circle and the education industry, accusing them of being the culprits of the gap between the rich and the poor, and then drawing a pie, which is “common prosperity” and “leveling the three mountains of education, medical care, and housing.” “Finally call for action, “clean up all dust”, “use all means”, of course, there is also a naked threat, “all blocking this people-centered change will be abandoned.” The CCP media collectively reposted this article. Obviously, it was not a coincidence. It was considered the beginning of the Second Cultural Revolution.

The reason why the CCP returned the same way is because the CCP’s lies have been shattered as a whole. At the beginning of the CCP’s usurpation of power, various campaigns used violence and lies to brainwash the people. At that time, the CCP was closed to the country and the people were unable to contact the outside world, which objectively helped the CCP’s brainwashing. But a lie is a lie in the end. The CCP says that socialism is good, the People’s Commune is good, and that it will catch up with the English Premier League. The class struggle will be effective as soon as the class struggle is grasped. When the lies cannot be maintained, the CCP will change one. Deng Xiaoping began to carry out reform and opening up, claiming to be prosperous together. As mentioned earlier, the so-called reform and opening up is a trick to kill chickens and eggs. More importantly, it is the powerful groups that are truly wealthy, and ordinary people are still leeks struggling to survive. This lie has also been shattered because the CCP’s unsustainable economic growth model has come to an end.

The CCP not only deceived the mainland people, but also deceived the entire international community. The United States and other countries accepting the CCP certainly have factors such as confrontation with the Soviet Union and economic interests. One of the reasons is that the international community hopes to help and guide the CCP toward the path of civilization and universal values ​​through its contacts with the CCP. The CCP used the goodwill of the international community precisely on this point to deceive and harm the international community. The CCP has adopted an active dialogue stance to gain more economic and technical assistance, while at the same time it has stepped up its efforts to buy and penetrate the international community. As a result, the CCP not only did not make any improvements at all, but instead took the opportunity to grow bigger and counter the international community, and staged the story of the farmer and the snake. Many promises made by the CCP when it joined the WTO have not been fulfilled. The CCP’s human rights, rule of law, freedom of the press, etc. have never progressed. The Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong, has been eclipsed after only two decades after its return. The CCP’s genocide in Tibet and Xinjiang is blatant, and the bloody persecution of Falun Gong is still in full swing. The CCP also supports rogue countries and terrorist organizations such as North Korea, Iran, and the Taliban, against the United States and threatening the international community. On the issue of the CCP virus, the CCP first covered it up before throwing it out, causing the international community to suffer huge losses of life and property. The international image that the Chinese Communist Party has meticulously created by lies is also revealed, and the consequence is that the Chinese Communist Party is once again isolated by the international community, and it is more determined and lasting.

The CCP desperately had no choice but to return to its original path. But the problem is that the original road is not so easy. In the 1950s and 1960s, it was relatively easy for the CCP to brainwash the mainland people in a closed environment, but the situation today is obviously different. Although the CCP has always tried its best to control the media and speech, in the context of international exchanges, the two generations in the past few decades have come into contact with Western society in politics, economy, law, science, culture, art, entertainment, etc. to varying degrees. The personal feelings and ideological thinking of these social backbones and young people cannot be easily controlled by the CCP’s turbulent political movement, and the rapid changes in communication technology make the CCP hard to guard against. People who have experienced relative abundance of material suddenly return to the era of voucher supply. Faced with the huge contrast, they must ask why and ask for change. This is not something that the Chinese Communist Party slogan can be perfunctory. The international community will not stand idly by as before, but will inevitably condemn and sanction the CCP. It is even harder to say how long the CCP can hold on. Today’s party leader obviously does not possess Mao Zedong’s lewd prestige, and the CCP now has no faith at all. It is just a community of powerful and powerful people in order to maintain power and interests. If the interests of the powerful groups are affected, they will fall apart at any time.

The process of the CCP’s return to its original path is also a process of the CCP’s blood debts and blood repayments. How deceived back then is now exposed; how deceived back then is now deprived of how it was; how talked and laughed back then, how fearful it is now; how unsuccessful back then, everyone shouts and beats now.

Obviously, the return of the CCP’s original path to the starting point is its end. In fact, with the current state of the CCP, whether it can survive to the original starting point is also a question. Maybe it will disintegrate on the way back. “Seeing him getting up from the Zhu Tower, seeing him banqueting guests, seeing his building collapsed”, this sentence cannot be more appropriate to describe the CCP.

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