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Thai Prime Minister personally welcomes Chinese tourists on first day of visa exemption

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Thai Prime Minister Welcomes Chinese Tourists on First Day of Visa Exemption

September 25, 2023

In a bid to promote tourism, Thailand has introduced a five-month visa-free policy for Chinese tourists, starting from September 25. The Thai Prime Minister, Seetha Thavisin, personally greeted the first batch of visa-free Chinese tourists at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport and assured them of their safety.

The recent release of the scam movie “All or Nothing” had deterred many Chinese tourists from considering Thailand as a travel destination. However, with the implementation of the visa-free policy, the Thai Prime Minister aimed to restore confidence among Chinese tourists and encourage them to visit the country.

Under this policy, Chinese citizens holding valid passports and travel documents can enter Thailand without a visa and stay for a maximum of 30 days. The visa-free entry will be available until February 29, 2023, for a total duration of five months.

According to reports, Prime Minister Seetha warmly welcomed the first batch of Chinese tourists with a team performing traditional dances. He personally greeted the tourists and presented them with welcome gifts. The surprise welcome ceremony left a positive impression on the travelers.

Tourists expressed their happiness and excitement about the visa-free program. One tourist, Zhuang Pan, said, “Our welcome ceremony was a surprise, and I’m very happy. It gave me a good start for my trip.” Another tourist, Jin Li, who was on her honeymoon, expressed her delight at the convenience of the visa-free program. She even took a photo with her husband and Prime Minister Seetha.

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The tourism industry in Thailand has been severely impacted by various factors, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the release of the controversial movie “All or Nothing.” Before the pandemic, Chinese tourists constituted the largest proportion of visitors to Thailand, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP.

The visa-free policy aims to revive the tourism industry by attracting a large number of Chinese tourists. Prime Minister Seetha has assured tourists of their safety during their stay in Thailand, emphasizing that the safety and well-being of visitors are of utmost importance. Thai Tourism Police have also extended their support to Chinese tourists by providing detailed information about the 24-hour police hotline.

Prime Minister Seetha stated that the introduction of the visa-free policy has already increased travel bookings to Thailand by tenfold, which he believes will provide a much-needed boost to the Thai economy.

As Thailand celebrates the successful implementation of the visa-free program, the government hopes that other policies and initiatives will continue to stimulate economic growth.

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