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The Central Bank of Sudan issues a list of financial institutions licensed to operate

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The Central Bank of Sudan issues a list of financial institutions licensed to operate

Sudani Net:

The Central Bank of Sudan issued new warnings, in which it called for not dealing with entities other than those licensed by the Central Bank.

The Central Bank identified 38 banks, 18 money exchange offices, and 10 companies for internal and external transfers.

The Central Bank of Sudan warned that dealing with different institutions will expose the customer to the risks of fraud and manipulation, as well as the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing.

The following are the banks and financial institutions licensed to operate:

Bank of Khartoum, Bank of Niles, Sudanese Agricultural Bank, Commercial Real Estate Bank, Livestock Bank, Bank of the Nile, Savings and Social Development Bank, Omdurman National Bank, Sudanese French Bank, Faisal Islamic Bank, Tadhamon Islamic Bank, Al Baraka Sudanese Bank, Saudi Sudanese Bank, Sudanese Islamic Bank, Al-Balad Bank, National Bank of Sudan, Export Development Bank, National Workers Bank, Farmers Commercial Bank, Ivory Bank, Africa and Gulf Bank, Blue Nile Levant Bank, Financial Investment Bank, Sahel and Sahara Bank, Byblos Africa Bank, Bank Sudanese Egyptian, Al Salam Bank, Industrial Development Bank, United Money Bank, Al Jazira Sudanese Jordanian Bank, Family Bank, Qatar National Bank, Sudanese Arab Bank, National Bank of Egypt, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Gulf Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank, Ziraat Katilim Bank.

As for the ATMs, they are:

Bab Al-Mandab Exchange Company, Al-Yamamah Exchange Company Limited (stopped). Al-Hijrah Exchange Company Ltd. Sky Link Exchange Company Ltd. African Exchange Company Limited Al Ansari Exchange Company Limited. Al-Fajr Exchange Company Limited, Al-Abadi Exchange Company Limited, Al-Khaleej Exchange Company, Divan Exchange Company Limited, Lira Exchange Company (stopped), Al-Mathani Exchange Company Limited, Al-Raed Exchange Company Limited (stopped), Al-Yaqout Exchange Company. Arjen Exchange Company Limited (stopped) Remit Exchange Company, Dinar Exchange Company Limited (stopped) Ghaya Exchange Company Limited.

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Foreign remittance companies:

Atlas Financial Transfers Company, Cash Financial Transfers Company, Meem Financial Transfers Company, Al Rasel Financial Transfers Company, FlyRate Financial Transfers Company, Marhaba Financial Transfers Company, Hafez United Internal Transfers Company, Easy Transfer Company for Financial Transfers, Al Fayhaa Financial Transfers Company, Silver Light Financial Transfers Company.

Internal transfer companies:

Al-Reda Company for internal financial transfers Al-Dawahi Company for internal financial transfers Musa Al-Nafidabi Company United Company for Financial Transfers (stopped) Al-Ahrar Company for internal financial transfers Al-Andalus Company for internal financial transfers Sidon Sons Company for internal financial transfers MTN Fintech (Momo) Al-Nasr Company for Financial Transfers National Company for Leasing Arab Company for rent.

Rental companies:

Microfinance institutions and companies Blue Nile Microfinance Corporation Al-Fal Microfinance Company Gedaref Microfinance Corporation Aanab Microfinance Corporation Sennar Microfinance Corporation National Microfinance Corporation Altomouh Microfinance Company Northern Microfinance Company Small Industries Microfinance Corporation Nile River Microfinance Corporation Awan Finance Company The Smaller Baraa Microfinance Foundation Social Development Corporation – Khartoum Al-Ghurra Microfinance Corporation North Darfur Microfinance Corporation Al-Methal Microfinance Company West Darfur Microfinance Corporation Dal Microfinance Corporation Southern Darfur Microfinance Corporation Irada Microfinance Company East Darfur Microfinance Corporation Social Development Corporation – State Kassala Central Darfur Microfinance Corporation Red Sea Microfinance Corporation Greater Darfur Microfinance Company (Umbrella) North Kordofan Microfinance Corporation (Mishkat) Social Development Corporation for Pensioners Sawaed Microfinance Company Al-Ghalia Agricultural Microfinance Company Ebdaa Bank Microfinance Company Jaguar Al-Harfiyya Microfinance Company Evil Rural Development Company for Microfinance Future Microfinance Company (under liquidation) Al-Amal Women’s Microfinance Company Al-Jazira Microfinance Corporation Israj Microfinance Company Al-Anam Microfinance Company Bahr Abyad Microfinance Corporation Maghanim Microfinance Company Small Business Development Association for Microfinance – Bassid Al-Muhajir Finance Company Asghar, West Kordofan Microfinance Corporation, Worker Microfinance Company, Azm Microfinance Company. Khartoum Agricultural Institution for Microfinance Company Green Seasons Company for Microfinance Sudanese Company for the Development and Development of Microfinance (umbrella) Cree More Microfinance Company Youth Microfinance Company (under liquidation) Production Bank for Microfinance Talawit Microfinance Corporation (discontinued) Alfal Microfinance Company.

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