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The conclusion of the activities of the 2023 season of Moulay Abdullah Amghar

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The conclusion of the activities of the 2023 season of Moulay Abdullah Amghar

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The curtain has fallen on the activities of the 2023 edition of the season of the righteous saint, Moulay Abdallah Amghar, famous in the province of El Jadida, buried in the historic city of Tit, after it lasted a full week from 4 to 11 August 2023, during which all its spaciousness and spaces witnessed many religious, artistic and folklore activities and the accompanying aspects of celebration, joy and fun. .

The number of visitors to the season has approached four million. They came from various regions of the Kingdom, in addition to members of the Moroccan community abroad and foreigners. They toured its vast areas, which are close to twenty square kilometers, over which tens of hundreds of tents were built, distributed between public utility tents, warehouse tents, serbat tents and tents. The campers were citizens and the tents of services necessary for such a massive human gathering, and they enjoyed throughout the week the rituals of the art of Al-Taburidah, whose main “engine” and “engine” attached 126 squadrons that included two thousand and two hundred knights from various Moroccan regions with their distinguished horses, saddles, and brightly colored and unified clothes at the level Each flock, and witnessed the enjoyable links to the art of falconry by its breeders from the region’s famous Zawiyat al-Qawasim group.

The activities of Moulay Abdallah Amghar’s season also included musical night parties of Moroccan folk art in its various Arab and Amazigh colors, in addition to the art of the ring, which brings together a group of creators of this art, as well as parallel activation spaces for adults and children alike, such as the multi-species circus and the circus known as the Wall of Death. And the game of luck, as they learned from religious lessons and lessons that benefit them in their religion and their world, and competitions in the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, and honoring a group of bearers of the Book of God in the Great Mosque of Moulay Abdullah, the youngest and largest imam and muezzin, and supervising women’s memorization of the Holy Qur’an, in addition to the great celebration on the last day of Through the artificial meteors that adorned the sky of the season in various bright colors..

The season was marked by the official opening, which was chaired by the governor of the region, the performance of Friday prayers in the mosque adjacent to the shrine, and the rituals of gifting as usual through a bull forming a sacrifice whose procession travels a distance from the official tent in the direction of the shrine of the righteous guardian Moulay Abdullah Amghar, then the ceremony of presenting the royal gift to the keepers of the shrine in the presence of the representative of the royal veil. Territory worker.

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The activities of the season ended, leaving behind a number of questions that remain pending indefinitely, given that a number of them are raised every year, such as the press platform, where officials and representatives of media platforms struggle to cover the activities of the season in appropriate conditions despite the positive and effective involvement of media organizations that contributed With great proportion in overcoming a number of difficulties in the field, and the issue of overcrowding, despite the tremendous efforts made by the elements of the Royal Gendarmerie, the Auxiliary Forces and the elements of the Civil Protection, who rightfully deserve the duty of appreciation and mention for the effectiveness and efficiency of their work.

It is also noteworthy that the season witnessed some incidents, the most prominent of which was the death of one of the cavalrymen after he was shot while arriving in his squadron, which raises a question about the imperative need to provide doctors on the spot, especially in the two engines specialized in resuscitation, anesthesia and first aid, in addition to intensifying health monitoring for various conditions. It is promoted during the season of foodstuffs through several committees that tour the facilities of the season, given that one committee cannot in any way cover all that vast area, and the imperative need to quickly clean all the areas that were covered by the season to ensure an orderly and sound environment by removing all waste and manifestations of pollution in particular And that the spaces of the season were covering all the surroundings of the center of the group, Moulay Abdallah, in addition to the close proximity to the tourist resort of Sidi Bouzid from the place, and do not miss the reference to what happened immediately after the ceremony of receiving the royal gift, where the keepers of the shrine disputed in an appearance that shows the extent of the difference that has not yet found its way towards The coalition between its components and affiliates…

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In general, the 2023 edition of Moulay Abdallah Amghar’s season achieved a distinguished success that could constitute a nucleus for more active participation in improving the quality of organization in the upcoming sessions, especially since the same season creates a great economic boom and provides many temporary job opportunities.

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