Home News The epidemic situation in many places in China is re-emerging. Wuxi citizens: wake up with a yellow code | China epidemic | dynamic reset | ID card

The epidemic situation in many places in China is re-emerging. Wuxi citizens: wake up with a yellow code | China epidemic | dynamic reset | ID card

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The epidemic situation in many places in China is re-emerging. Wuxi citizens: wake up with a yellow code | China epidemic | dynamic reset | ID card

[The Epoch Times, July 10, 2022](Reported by Wang Jiayi, a reporter from The Epoch Times Special Department) The epidemic has made a comeback in various parts of China. Since Si County, Anhui Province reported new cases, a total of 13 cities in neighboring provinces broke out local epidemics, of which Wuxi City is the most serious. The local government has a variety of prevention and control measures. Residents said they woke up with a yellow code.

At noon on July 7, the Wuxi Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice saying that from the outbreak of a new epidemic on June 28 to 11:00 on July 7, the entire city of Wuxi has completed the eighth round of nucleic acid sampling, and high-risk areas strictly implement “full “Do not leave home”, and the medium-risk areas strictly implement control measures such as “people do not leave the area, and pick things at different peaks”. High-risk areas in Wuxi City include Binhu District, Huishan District, Liangxi District, Xishan District, Xinwu District, etc. The authorities have comprehensively strengthened control over the above-mentioned areas, canceled various public activities, continued to close leisure and entertainment venues, and asked citizens not to leave Wuxi unless necessary.

Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Wuxi, told The Epoch Times, “I woke up yesterday morning and found that my Lingxi code was yellow. I was shocked. The street requires two nucleic acid tests within 72 hours. To do nucleic acid, we have to queue from 9 in the morning and wait until after 2 in the afternoon, but there are not many people in the green code line, it seems that most of them are yellow code.”

A positive case was found in a supermarket near the community where Mr. Zhang lived, and all those who had been to the supermarket for two consecutive days suddenly turned into a yellow code. He said that the epidemic is the most serious, and now Wuxi City does a nucleic acid test every two days on average. Everyone lives around this code every day. Every morning when you open your eyes, you have to see if your code has changed color, because only people with a green code can travel, and this code is more effective than an ID card. Now you can’t go anywhere, and the government requires people with yellow codes to stay at home.

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Du Xiaogang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, emphasized at a video conference held on July 4 that he adhered to the “dynamic clearing” policy. Claiming “one enterprise, one policy” for bailout and assistance, and guiding enterprises in medium-risk areas to implement “closed-door production” to minimize the impact of the epidemic on life. But the official account differs greatly from that of the public.

The residential area of ​​Wuxi citizen Liu Yang (pseudonym) has only been released for 2 months. After the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, he was closed again. He said, “This year, the lockdown has been repeated 4 times since January to the present. In total, I have been unable to go to work for more than 3 months. It is equivalent to living on half a year with more than 2 months’ salary, which is really a penny. The lockdown has caused serious losses in the service industry. Not only our employees can’t make money, but our bosses are also losing money. The government has never asked us how we live. During the lockdown, prices were staggeringly expensive, and I never received free food once. The government doesn’t care at all. The people live and die.”

Wuxi’s prevention and control are full of tricks

On July 4, the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Beidajie Street, Liangxi District, Wuxi issued a “Notice to Residents”, requiring each household to send one person to go out for 2 hours a day to buy essential supplies. When leaving the community, the ID card must be temporarily stored at the gate. If the shopping exceeds 2 hours, the ID card will be handed over to the public security organ for processing.

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Ms. Liu, a local citizen, told The Epoch Times, “It’s even worse than this. Our community can only go out for an hour a day, and the temporarily withheld ID card has to be retrieved from the property, which spans the entire community from the gate to the property.”

On July 5th, in Yangming Street, which also belongs to Liangxi District, after residents with yellow codes were transferred to green codes for nucleic acid testing, they were stamped on the backs of residents’ hands and kept for three days. Relevant videos and screenshots fermented on the Internet, and rushed to the hot search several times.

Netizens complained, “There is no bottom line on what to do”; “The epidemic is a mirror, and anything strange can happen!”

Mr. Qian, a resident of Chunchao Garden in Xinwu District, Wuxi City, told The Epoch Times, “The exits of every building in our entire community are locked. Everyone is locked in the building, and if something happens, there is no exit to escape. (the government) did not treat us as human beings.”

Epidemic spread everywhere

On July 6, the Anhui government ordered the 760,000 residents of Si County to be “non-essential and not to flow”. Among them, the Suzhou Municipal Government said that Si County had sent 22,000 people into the government’s centralized isolation center, and residents of dozens of communities where infected cases were found were prohibited from going out.

Si County, under the jurisdiction of Suzhou City, is located in the northern Anhui region with a population of less than one million. According to the Anhui Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Comprehensive Headquarters, static management has been implemented in the local area, and personnel are staying at home. However, given that the source is unclear and the bottom line is unknown, and Suzhou City is located in the northernmost part of Anhui and borders Jiangsu, Shandong, and Henan provinces, since the outbreak of the epidemic in Si County, it has been linked to other provinces one after another. After sorting out by Epoch Times reporters, since June 26, 13 cities in the three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui in the Yangtze River Delta region have re-infected cases, including Suzhou City in Anhui, Wuxi and Xuzhou in Jiangsu, and Hangzhou in Zhejiang.

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This round of the epidemic belongs to the BA.5.2 branch of the Omicron variant strain, which is highly infectious. At present, Shanghai, Fujian, Beijing, Shandong, Xi’an, Shaanxi and Tianjin and other provinces and municipalities have found infected cases.

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