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The evacuation at Sap di Fonzaso resumed, but more money is needed

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The courtyard of the waste collection and disposal company has almost been cleared, there are also 52 full bins for which the necessary funds have not been found

FONZASO. Clearance resumed at Sap. The spider and the Ecoopera trucks have started cleaning the courtyards of the Fonzaso waste collection and disposal company again. This week the works will go ahead on a narrow gauge, but from the next they will return to full speed and, for the conclusion of the works, a date between the 20th and 25th of this month remains valid. At that moment, the panorama from the state road 50 del Grappa and Passo Rolle will be completely different from the current proposal.

The four thousand tons of seized garbage stored by the company declared bankrupt will no longer exist: «The bulk of the work will be done», underlines the bankruptcy trustee, lawyer Luciano Licini, «and the times will be respected. The 52 full caissons, which are not in the courtyard, but in its immediate vicinity, will remain to be removed ”.

They would be on land owned by Enel, the body that manages the hydroelectric plant, a short distance away. For those, there is still no money needed. The Municipality of Fonzaso could recover them by appealing to regional funds. The word passes to the mayor Giorgio Slongo: «What is comforting is the fact that these are not at risk of fire», adds Licini, «I must admit that I have received several proposals for the purchase of boxes, but of course unloaded and not in current conditions. The offers are certainly interesting, but we are not yet able to accept them. We must necessarily wait for the times to mature ».

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Help could come from the auction of a villa owned by Remo Dalla Santa, in Sorriva di Sovramonte, as part of the bankruptcy: “The judicial sales institute will take care of it”, specifies the lawyer from Feltre, “the auction will take place on 19 October and the starting price amounts to 175 thousand euros ».

The auction for the disposal of waste, on the other hand, took place last May 4 and the works began about twenty days later for a total cost of 943,000 963 euros plus VAT, 150,000 256 less plus value added tax. with respect to the offer presented by the Venetian Sepro di Pianiga: «We are proceeding according to the established times. The concern concerns the rest of the waste, those that cannot be seen from the street. For the rest, the situation has significantly improved and by the end of the month it will be all the more so ».


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