Home News The health code system in many places in Sichuan collapsed, and people jumped in anxiety | The system collapsed | The Epoch Times

The health code system in many places in Sichuan collapsed, and people jumped in anxiety | The system collapsed | The Epoch Times

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The health code system in many places in Sichuan collapsed, and people jumped in anxiety | The system collapsed | The Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, November 24, 2022]Since the recent rebound of the epidemic in mainland China, “health codes” in various places have become an important tool for people to travel. During the morning rush hour on November 24, people in many places in Sichuan reported that the Sichuan health code system had collapsed and they could not obtain the health code. This has brought great inconvenience to people going to work, traveling by subway and bus, and caused a lot of complaints from netizens.

At around 8 a.m. on the 24th, some netizens reported that the Chengdu Health Code (Sichuan Tianfu Health Link) had collapsed. “Sichuan Tianfu Health Link” is a unified health code for the whole province of Sichuan.

The official response of Sichuan Tianfu Health Link stated that due to the heavy traffic of “Sichuan Tianfu Health Link”, some users temporarily had difficulty logging in and are gradually recovering. When registering for nucleic acid testing, if you cannot scan the code, you can scan the ID card.

Relevant topics once topped the Weibo hot search list, and the entry that topped the list was “Chengdu health code collapsed”. A large number of netizens posted comments.

“Chen Chaojun”, a big V on Weibo, said: “I would like to ask what causes the excessive traffic? Is there any preparation for expanding the server or other measures in advance? If you encounter such a situation when traveling, it will be affected. Which company is the system? made?”

“Workers can’t afford to wait in line in the morning!” “I’ve brushed countless times in the morning, and I’m so anxious!” “I just want to know, when will I be able to recover?”

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Many netizens reported that the collapse of the health code system has not only affected Chengdu, but also most cities in Sichuan Province. According to Chengdu’s epidemic prevention requirements, people who take subways, buses and other public transportation must hold a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours.

Some netizens posted screenshots of WeChat Moments, showing that some people said, “If you can’t open the health code, you can only ride a bicycle if you are tired and hungry.”

Some netizens reported that people queued up because of the collapse of the health code system.

Another netizen said, “I hope the epidemic will disappear soon. It is really difficult without the health code now.”

The cover news report learned from the Sichuan Provincial Big Data Center that the health code system has been gradually restored, and citizens can log in to Tianfu HealthPass for inspection.

Some netizens reported that at noon on the 24th, the Sichuan Tianfu Health Link was restored.

Netizen “Sister DJ Xinyi” posted on the afternoon of the 24th, saying that as soon as the Sichuan Tianfu Health Link was restored, countless yellow codes appeared. Is this pit necessary for everyone to jump? ! Regardless of whether it is a system failure or what the reason is, it is the people themselves who will pay the bill in the end! Unfortunately, my colleague was “shot” and was very depressed.

In September of this year, when Chengdu announced the implementation of “principled home” lockdown in the city, Sichuan Tianfutong’s nucleic acid system also collapsed, causing many citizens to wait in line for hours in the rain but still unable to make nucleic acid.

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