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The home-made resilience of the family business: the award and the stories in Treviso

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The home-made resilience of the family business: the award and the stories in Treviso

Tuesday 19th the event at Palazzo Giacomelli organized by Tribuna and Assindustria Venetocentro. De Nadai: “Here an extraordinary Darwinian evolution in a challenging context”

TREVISO. Bad, therefore ideal. Telling the story of small family businesses in such a moment forces us to bother resilience and Charles Darwin, courage and foresight. «Autumn coming? I expect it to be complicated, due to context and internal factors. The family business, if it has one characteristic, is that of resilience that goes beyond all expectations. Every now and then I think to myself: in a complicated society like the Italian one, the entrepreneur, in the Darwinian sense, has developed better, less standardized than colleagues from other countries, among the many difficulties he has developed a unique capacity for resistance ” . Words by Claudio De Nadai, small business representative of Assindustria Venetocentro.

He will be there too, this afternoon at Palazzo Giacomelli in Treviso, at 5.30 pm, for the event organized by tribune and from AVC, “Impresa & famiglia”, at the end of the first cycle of stories – but the initiative continues – of successful family entrepreneurial stories in the Brand.

Twenty stories

Twenty stories, businesses, families, which today they will receive from tribune a certificate-award for the added value they give to their territory. Bad moment between energy crisis, market turbulence, war, now also a government crisis. Ideal, therefore, to understand the essence of the local SMEs. Leafing through the latest Regional Innovation Scoreboard prepared by the European Union (2021), a report that analyzes the economic, productive and territorial innovations of 240 areas, we can see the growth process that has characterized the regional realities marked by the presence of SMEs. While on the whole the whole country is positioned in the middle of the ranking, these territorial areas show performances that make them jump among the most innovative regions: Emilia-Romagna leads the Italian regions placing itself in 76th place in the continental ranking, the Autonomous Province of Trento at 85th, Friuli-Venezia Giulia at 89th and Veneto at 95th.

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Claudio De Nadai

“Small businesses have to deal with greater uncertainty and less availability of resources and clear information – says De Nadai – and here in our area ninety percent of AVC’s members are SMEs. We try to help them by providing them with services such as the monitoring platform on the trend of raw materials ».

The opening

As natural as having a family, as natural as doing business. Telling the story of family-run SMEs in the province of Treviso means entering a world made up of courage, effort, work, great goals, satisfactions. Businesses are raised, like children, and children become the company. It is not always easy, linear, less today than yesterday.

“Especially in a moment like this, SMEs are obviously transforming and opening up to a world rich in external skills – underlines De Nadai – There is awareness of this need to open up, awareness that also derives a little from the grafting of new generations in governance, and also from the passing on of other people’s experiences that deny fears with good outcomes “. Opening up governance, opening up capital, changing without distorting one’s DNA.

But how to open up? «It is true that under certain minimum dimensional thresholds it is difficult to think of quotations or such solutions – says De Nadai – but aggregations and acquisitions have also been made among those who invoice a few million euros, under ten. System minibonds also make it possible to activate credit lines, which would not be possible for companies under five million in size. It is not an on / off between I arrange or go to the stock exchange or I make myself interesting for a private equity fund, even if it is true that the funds are increasingly interested also in SMEs, where there are clear ideas and development prospects “.

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The story

In a formula halfway between self-presentation and dialogue with the director of the Tribuna, Fabrizio Brancoli, today the entrepreneurs who will be at Palazzo Giacomelli will tell the story of their business-family starting from a symbolic object, which in some way represents, describes them. From metalworking to paper, from coffee to furniture, from metals to design applied to lights and radiators: if today there was a Darwin 4.0, it would certainly pass by to take a look at evolution.

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