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The Ministry of Health already has the document for the reform and is reviewing the latest details

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The Ministry of Health already has the document for the reform and is reviewing the latest details

The Health reform project, which is being promoted by the ministry headed by Carolina Corcho, is ready, according to what the government official of Gustavo Petro announced to the bench, who is in a spiritual retreat these days .

However, contrary to what the representatives and senators who are in said space thought, the Minister of Health did not socialize it because she is making corrections together with the Ministry of Finance and the National Planning Department.

“We are in the structural phase, a statement of reasons, in terms of the economic and financial scenarios, with the Ministry of Finance and the National Planning Directorate,” said the official, who added that the full content has already been disclosed. to the President of the Republic.

In this sense, the doctor, also added that the ideal is to have a document ready as soon as possible, since the detailed review may be delayed and Congress will have to discuss various relevant issues for the nation in 2023:

“We have said that this reform should be presented in the extraordinary ones because the seventh commissions are going to have a lot of work this semester. There will be three reforms in March of this magnitude. The one from Health should appear in the extraordinary ones to gain time ”
The Minister of Health also mentioned that she is surprised by the revolt that the project has generated, since it is the first time that an official has been called for a motion of censure for a document that has not even been released:

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“I do not know in the country’s history that a minister has been summoned to Congress for a political control debate for a reform that has not been filed,” said the head of the Health portfolio.
For now, the transformation that the Government wants to give to the system has been strongly criticized, because many political and social sectors disagree with the vision that Corcho has shown, since it has even been rumored that one of the changes be the elimination of the EPS.

For now, the health union has expressed its concern and points out that it has not been made aware of the content of the document that will be delivered to the Legislature. However, he assured that the only thing that gives security is the presence of José Antonio Ocampo in the cabinet.

“We have learned that José Antonio Ocampo is concerned about the transition model if they liquidate us. And it gives us enormous peace of mind that it is there. We believe that as long as it is there, there will be no madness,” said one of the leaders of the EPS in dialogue with the magazine Semana, a medium that learned the opinions of several of the directors of the EPS, who are very concerned about the health reform. prepared by Carolina Corcho.

On the other hand, they warned that if the government does not give them the money to settle the debts for their health services, what they called a “social crisis” will be generated in the country. They also assure that the State owes them more than 1.6 trillion pesos and that, if that money is not transferred as soon as possible, it is likely that several of these EPS will face serious financial repercussions.

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