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The single-day passenger flow of A-level tourist attractions hits a new high in the same period in three years

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The single-day passenger flow of A-level tourist attractions hits a new high in the same period in three years

On January 25, citizens played games and enjoyed folk customs at the “Yellow River Fair” in Jinan Huashan Historical and Cultural Wetland Park. (Photographed by our reporter Cui Jian)

Newspaper, January 25th (Reporter Liu Ye) Today is the fourth day of the first lunar month. The temperature in Quancheng is low but the weather is sunny. A rich cultural feast. On this day, the personnel of major cultural venues and scenic spots are standardized and orderly, and the whole city presents a cheerful, festive and lively festival scene.

According to statistics, today the city’s 28 scenic spots included in the monitoring received a total of 457,100 tourists, an increase of 27.81% from yesterday and a year-on-year increase of 50.80%. Among them, the No. 1 Spring Scenic Area in the World received 135,400 tourists, Qianfo Mountain Scenic Area received 3.44 tourists, Impression Jinan Spring World Tourist Scenic Spot received 53,700 tourists, and Sunac Cultural Tourism City received 17,000 tourists.

During the Spring Festival, in order to enrich the cultural life of the majority of tourists and create a strong atmosphere of celebration and auspiciousness, the city’s cultural tourism system will hold the “2023 Spring City New Year’s Greetings” around the theme of “Winter Tour Jinan Fuman Quancheng”, carefully planning and launching the Spring Festival There are more than 200 “cultural and tourism feasts” in five series, including folklore, ice and snow tourism, rural New Year’s Eve, cultural exhibitions, and cultural performances. Enjoy a cultural feast.

Among them, the “Coexisting World – 2022 Jinan International Biennale”, which was simultaneously exhibited by Shandong Art Museum and Jinan Art Museum, gathered 272 fine works by 221 artists from 22 countries and regions around the world. , ushered in nearly 30,000 spectators, and became a beautiful artistic landscape in the spring city of Jinan during the Spring Festival; during the Spring Festival, the Municipal Peking Opera Theater held grassroots condolences, sent operas to the countryside, and theater performances, and simultaneously launched the “Beijing Opera and Beijing Rhyme Pass” online. New Year——Online Broadcasting Activities”, so that opera lovers can enjoy high-quality classic plays such as “Deng Enming”, “Li Qingzhao”, “Double Pupil Xiang Yu” without leaving home; the first “Fengqi “Lingyan Blessing Lantern Festival” integrates festive elements of the Spring Festival, such as lantern decorations, folk performances, and food markets that reflect the strong flavor of the New Year. The speed has increased in a straight line, which has won wide praise from tourists.

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During the holidays, the city launched a series of cultural and tourism measures to benefit the people and festive discounts, so that citizens and tourists can have a comfortable and joyful Spring Festival. Among them, 12 state-owned A-level scenic spots in our city implement the policy of free first-pass tickets, and 19 non-state-owned A-level scenic spots implement the policy of first-pass ticket reduction; during the Spring Festival, 5 million yuan of consumption coupons for cultural and tourism benefits are issued, covering film performances, books, newspapers and periodicals , intangible cultural heritage folk customs, cultural and creative handicrafts, traditional handicrafts, “Quancheng people” homestay and other industries. On the fourth day of the first lunar month, tourist travel ushered in a small peak, and the number of tourists received in a single day by the city’s A-level tourist attractions hit a new high in the same period in three years.

As the first Spring Festival file in the film market after the epidemic is released, with the hot screening of seven films including “Man Jianghong”, “The Wandering Earth 2”, “Deep Sea” and “Bear Infested”, Jinan theaters are full, and the hard-to-find scene once again presented. According to statistics, four days before the Spring Festival stalls (0:00 on New Year’s Eve to 24:00 on the third day of the first lunar month), the city’s movie box office revenue was 31.22 million yuan, and the number of moviegoers was 539,000, a year-on-year increase of 4.9% and 9.3% respectively. Jinan’s film market ushered in a wave “Movie-watching craze”.

The city’s cultural tourism market is in good order, with no tourism complaints and no tourism safety accidents.

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