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The new Roggia dei Cedri is born, a zero impact tourist oasis

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The new Roggia dei Cedri is born, a zero impact tourist oasis

Today in Valdobbiadene an important round table to take stock of the issues of environmental sustainability, safeguarding the territory and experiential tourism. Can an ancient barrel inspire an articulated and futuristic environmental recovery project? The answer is yes.

The “Roggia dei Cedri” was born in Valdobbiadene, starting from a regional tender, intersecting the creativity and expertise of a close-knit team of architects with the desire of a family to do business in an innovative and sustainable way.

Five conical-helical structures – artisanal buildings, made with zero-impact materials and grass roofing – which house double rooms with bathroom, completely integrated into the surrounded landscape, between which the Cordana stream flows, whose course has been recovered with the reconstruction of the embankments and the riverbed. A full-blown oasis in the heart of the Unesco Hills.

An avant-garde project, which meets the modern needs of green tourism and environmentally friendly accommodation. In the specific case, the Cordana, a precious resource for the territory, and in particular for the historic factory of Villa dei Cedri, was brought to light. Here history and tradition intertwine in an evocative and innovative way.

The round table, entitled “Evocative forms and tourism innovation. For a new planning in the Unesco area “, is an important moment of reflection and discussion around the themes of environmental sustainability, the protection of the territory and experiential tourism, starting from the” Roggia dei Cedri “project and retracing the crucial phases of the its course. Among others, the intervention of Professor Roberto Masiero, president of the Landscape Observatory, of Fernando Fiorino, superintendent of Fine Arts, of Mario Pozza president of the Treviso and Belluno Chamber of Commerce, of Federico Capraro, president of Ascom provincial of Treviso, is foreseen, by Giuliano Advantages, director of the Unesco Conegliano Valdobbiadene Hills Association, and by the architect Fabio Callegaro, designer of the “Roggia dei Cedri”. The works – at the “Roggia dei Cedri”, in via Molini, in Valdobbiadene – will start at 10.15. At the end there will be a short inauguration ceremony with the unveiling of the work of the sculptor Valentino Moro.

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