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The US does not give asylum to Hondurans fleeing crime

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The US does not give asylum to Hondurans fleeing crime

Honduran Mother Hopes for Asylum in the US After Fleeing Extortion and Violence

Alba Luz, a mother from San Lorenzo, Valle, left Honduras with her infant daughter, hoping to find safety and asylum in the United States. The journey took her through Guatemala and Mexico before arriving at the border in McAllen, Texas.

According to Alba Luz, she fled Honduras because she was being extorted by criminals who threatened her and her family. She stated that failure to pay the extortion fees would result in death or violence, including rape of herself and her children. Additionally, her daughter has a skull fracture and spent two months in a coma, further motivating her to seek safety in the US.

Upon crossing the Rio Grande River and reaching American soil, Alba Luz was detained by Border Patrol agents. She is now facing a legal process to obtain asylum or potentially face deportation back to Honduras.

The United States immigration laws specify that individuals can apply for asylum regardless of how they entered the country, but they must demonstrate persecution based on factors such as race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Miguel Vergara, director of the district office in Harlingen, Texas, of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE), explained that asylum is granted based on specific criteria, including government persecution and torture. He warned that seeking asylum due to lack of job opportunities or high crime rates may not meet the necessary criteria.

Vergara emphasized the importance of following legal channels and criteria established by the State Department, rather than turning to criminal organizations or arriving at the border with false hopes of asylum based on economic or social conditions.

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As Alba Luz and her daughter navigate the asylum process, they represent the complex and challenging experiences that many individuals face when seeking refuge in the United States. Their story is a reminder of the difficult choices and risks that families endure in pursuit of safety and a better future.

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