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the US lesson between shocks and dreams of greatness From FinanciaLounge

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the US lesson between shocks and dreams of greatness From FinanciaLounge

© Reuters. Rethinking globalization: the US lesson between shocks and dreams of greatness

By now it is increasingly clear: we need to rethink the world-system as we have always understood it. The States are at the forefront of this change, and as a superpower they are suffering all the effects. But without abandoning dreams of glory

Reduce the intensity of the waves. This is the main task of breakwaters – those gigantic stone masses in the form of slabs, cubes or prisms that are found in any seaport.

They are there, and like it or not they have to put up with the storm surges and the saltiness, without even being able to shower to get the salt off their backs. They are there and continue to be there, in the front line against the foam that slowly erodes the coasts. An inanimate example of resilience, which contrasts with another starting point given by the hyper-activism of the US in recent times. A power that is experiencing a moment of adjustment, shaken by the issues surrounding the war in Ukrainethe internal battle for the presidential elections, theinflation who rides and the Fed which is opposed, as well as by the continuous tensions with the Chinese. In addition, as if that weren’t enough, there are also those who have announced a debt default for early June. What has already happened and denied several times by history.

The White House must preside over several limes, and perhaps wooden fences are not enough, as the empires of the past taught. Perhaps because times change, and we are facing one globalization 3.0where the ties become weaker and the spread of certain effects wider.

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The world is changing in front of us and super powers like the States are paying the highest price, acting as a breakwater for the European continent.


We mention it often, but unfortunately it is a factor that continues to be important: the war between Russia e Ukraine it is one of the geopolitical and economic catalysts of these times. Moscow is unpredictable and the US – and like them, many others – do not know which direction it will take. Military aid to the Ukrainian forces has arrived, a minimal but important effort to underline the unity of all the “United States of the West”, which is thus pushing the Kremlin into the arms of China. And it is certainly not a good thing for the United States, which risk finding their two enemies allied with each other. This opens up different scenarios, and among these it would not be so absurd to see Russia itself courted by the Americans one day, to counter the excessive power of Beijing, as stated by Dario Fabbri, an important geopolitical analyst and director of Domino, a guest at the conference organized by Amundi sgr on the occasion of the Salone del Risparmio…

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