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They seek to restore 1.5 million hectares of ethnic and peasant communities

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The National Government, through the Land Restitution Unit (URT), promotes before judges and magistrates the restitution of more than 1.5 million hectares in favor of ethnic communities (indigenous, black, Afro-descendants, Raizales and Palenqueras) and peasant populations.

In this sense, the URT indicated that, of the 1,515,298 hectares requested in restitution, 1,495,888 hectares correspond to processes in favor of ethnic communities and the remaining 19,410 hectares are being requested on an individual route for the benefit of peasant communities.

The figures, highlighted by the General Director of the URT, Giovani Yule, are part of a balance on the management of the Unit during the course of the Government of President Gustavo Petro. The official stressed that the results achieved demonstrate the commitment that this government has with the victims of violence.

Likewise, the entity highlighted that during the course of the Government, 1,158 lawsuits have been presented to the judges and magistrates designated to analyze cases of dispossession and/or forced abandonment of land.

With the work carried out, they seek to restore the rights over their properties to 6,226 people who seek to recover their properties on an individual route and 24,016 families belonging to ethnic communities who demand the restoration of their territorial rights.

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