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This Saturday the children’s parades begin

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This Saturday the children’s parades begin

This Saturday, February 10, the carnival will begin with the participation of various public and private schools in what will be the parade children’s event that will bring joy to locals and visitors who will be located along Raúl Leoni Avenue for the second consecutive year.

More than 15 floats and troupesRemembering the best

During the four days of parades of troupes and floats, a route of more than 210 participants is expected.

More than 2 thousand girls and boys, from at least 200 educational institutions in the public sector and at least 10 in the private sector, as was known unofficially.

More than 15 floats and troupes

Likewise, it was learned that at least 15 floats are participating and more than 20 troupes.

The best memories of the tourist carnival remained from the year 2023

As every year, the living cultural heritage will be opening the parades, Rigoberto Salazar and the carnival icon Manuel Mariño, who will surely surprise once again with their unmatched color in the fantasy costumes that attendees expect to see during the parades and that together with the The rest of the participants have more than 60 fantasy costumes among individuals, adults and children.

The stands are arranged along the avenue to receive locals and tourists who visit the city at this time to enjoy the best carnival in the East of the country.

Remembering the best

Cantinflas, characteristic character of the Maturín carnivals

Some winners are remembered for the year 2023, among which the following stood out: Chinese beauty. Designer Rosa Campos from the Morichal sector, second place; Antics. Designer Alfredo Ascenso from the La Manga sector, first place; African goddess, designed by Zuleima Ruiz. Anchovy. First place. as female youth costume; As for the floats: Aboriginal fantasy designed by Richard Rodríguez. The Cocuizas. Firstly, those who hope to win the award again.

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In the same way, emblematic characters are remembered such as: La Manicera, Santo Cachón, Cantinflas, Doña Carmen de Periquera, who gave special flavor to the Maturín carnivals.

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