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Toll prices increase in New York. How much and who will have to pay?

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Toll prices increase in New York.  How much and who will have to pay?

New York Implements Congestion Pricing Program with Increased Toll Rates

As the price hike trend continues to affect all areas of society in the United States, New York City is not exempt. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has approved a toll rate for people traveling by car in an effort to combat the growing traffic in the highly populated city.

The New York Congestion Pricing program will establish a fee for drivers traveling on the streets of midtown Manhattan, specifically those crossing south of 60th Street. Light vehicles will be charged $15.00 USD to enter Manhattan on 60th Street and below, while trucks will face fees between $24.00 USD and $36.00 USD, depending on their size.

The toll rates will apply to private cars, including taxis, as well as motorcycles and large and small trucks. However, government cars and solid waste collection trucks are exempt from payment. Drivers with disabilities and those who travel at specific times may be eligible for discounts.

The list of prices for transit through the streets of New York is as follows:
– $1.25 USD for yellow taxis
– $2.50 USD for request taxis
– $7.50 USD for motorcycles
– $15.00 USD for cars
– $24.00 USD for small vans
– $36.00 USD for large trucks and cargo vans

This move represents a significant change for vehicle drivers in the “Big Apple,” as the city has historically been known for its lack of tolls. The decision to implement congestion pricing aims to address the increasing traffic and congestion in New York City.

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While the toll rates may be unwelcome news for drivers, the implementation of the program reflects efforts to mitigate the challenges posed by urban traffic and promote a more efficient and sustainable transportation system.

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