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Sami Boutaleb…a Moroccan who is responsible for developing the performance of a clinic network in Quebec, Canada

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Sami Boutaleb…a Moroccan who is responsible for developing the performance of a clinic network in Quebec, Canada

With administrative training and an inclination towards medicine, Sami Boutaleb directed his professional performance towards developing sanatorium services in the province of Quebec, Canada, starting from a single sanatorium, a few years ago, to reach, in the current period, the leadership of the performance of a network of private health facilities, while remaining willing to expand the scope of… He is working towards additional hospital services in the future.

The Business Administration major confirms that professional performance allows people to develop at an increasing pace in Canada; While he believes, based on his own experience and also what a number of his acquaintances have experienced in the same country, that welcoming participation in voluntary contributions significantly raises the pace of development in Canadian society, as it allows for the creation of more solid relationships and introduces competencies on a broader scale.

Born in Montreal

Sami Boutaleb was born in the southern part of the city of Montreal, and spent his childhood years and the first period of his youth within the embrace of a settled family in “Lorraine” in the Canadian province of Quebec. But he never stopped expressing pride in his Moroccan origin and his descent from a family rooted in the city of Fez, even though his parents grew up in the capital, Rabat, before they traveled to North America.

Sami says: “Moroccan culture was strongly present in our residence, and I began to feel it since the early years of childhood, and it looms in our practices. It has played a pivotal role in our rhythm today when certain occasions arrive. Such as the month of Ramadan, for example, or when celebrating the ritual of Eid al-Adha, and in parallel with the father’s insistence on our adherence to the original identity, he was also keen on our integration well into Quebec society.”

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Boutaleb graduated from the “HEC” institution in Montreal, with a degree from the Higher School of Commercial Studies, winning a diploma in “Marketing” after completing a course of higher education in business administration. Then he entered a series of trainings at private institutes in the health sciences to become a specialist. Among other things, in dealing with practices related to the pharmaceutical industries.

Management of a clinic network

Sami Boutaleb’s professional path began directly after graduating from the Graduate School of Business, and this led him to become involved in the pharmaceutical field with a large company that has global weight in this field, of the type “AstraZeneca”. Then he moved as an employee among a group of other institutions, to be The latest is “Pharmacam Patterns”.

A member of the Moroccan community in Quebec says regarding the next career stage: “The interest in the health field came to me from my mother, a doctor, and I was given the opportunity to develop my work after meeting with Dr. Marino, a distinguished medical figure, and we went through successive sessions towards building mutual trust until I began… Managing a clinic in 2018, then it was the turn for a second facility the following year.”

After the improvement in performance in recent years, Sami Boutaleb became, with a partner, supervising the management of a network of clinics in Quebec, focusing on services related to family medicine, and also providing various medical specialties. The most prominent of which are experts in obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, and general surgery, and development is still moving toward broader horizons in the foreseeable future.

Voluntary commitments

The Moroccan Canadian himself has volunteer commitments as a result of his obtaining the status of treasurer in the Moroccan-Canadian Organization for the Health of Children and Women, known by the acronym OMCSEF and known in the presence of his mother, doctor Asma Boutaleb, as he is keen to fulfill what is required of him in the office of this civil organization. It also provides remote support for some charitable tasks being implemented in Morocco.

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Sami says: “I also put part of my time into serving an existing partnership with many actors in the field of volunteer work. The most prominent of them is the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. From this position, I try to put my experience in the management field and my relationships within the health field in order to enhance the ongoing performance on the ground to support social groups suffering from fragility.”

Boutaleb’s commitment in this context also extends to the cooperative charitable organization called “Chaînon”, as he contributed effectively, finally, to initiatives keen to develop a new generation of clinics capable of assisting this volunteer organization in carrying out its campaigns aimed at improving health care. Health care that concerns children and women.

Pride in the field

Sami Boutaleb acknowledges that the global health crisis resulting from the outbreak of the “Corona” pandemic and the movement restrictions that it resulted in at the beginning of the current decade prevented him from visiting Morocco until the middle of 2023. He moved from Montreal to Rabat to attend a family wedding before his presence in Morocco began. Morocco is a source of wonder.

Regarding what happened during this recent visit, Sami says: “I was amazed by the great change that occurred in Morocco during the few years that I was absent. I did not imagine that my travel in 2023 would make me amazed by what has been achieved in more than one Moroccan metropolis, especially the major changes witnessed by the capital, Rabat.”

“Infrastructure has become state-of-the-art, recalling the innovations that the world has known in the fields of construction and reconstruction. “In addition, energy projects that generate electricity from the power of wind and sunlight have become clearly prominent, keeping pace with international ecological challenges… We follow this news from afar, but the field inspection increases pride in Morocco,” Boutaleb adds.

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Barter in migration

Sami Boutaleb believes that the most important step in immigration is achieving integration at the lowest possible cost of time, and the more speed there is in achieving this goal, the more the immigrant becomes under pressure from all aspects of society. Therefore, those about to immigrate are required to prepare in advance, by collecting the necessary information about the host environment and how to adapt to the peculiarities of the new living space.

Also related to immigration, the expert in managing medical clinics states that immigrants are able to retain their original cultures as a foundation on which to build their future, especially if this has a connection to Quebec and all of Canada, as there is a need to share personal culture with people in exchange for drawing from the cultures of others as well, as there is no room to wait. Gaining from others without the other party obtaining what benefits him from this interaction.”

“There is no doubt that immigrants’ self-realization goes smoothly if the path is connected to study of any kind, whether it leads to obtaining a technical diploma or obtaining a bachelor’s degree in any of the fields to which one is inclined; But chances are strengthened when there is a demand for volunteer work in a stable society, and then relationships can be built that will put the person in front of more opportunities,” concludes Sami Boutaleb.

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